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Information Technology (IT) continues to play a bigger, more visible role in driving business success and has become critical to the competitiveness of organisations around the world. The efficient management of both organisational and customer information can allow businesses to be nimble and responsive to the ever-changing landscape of their market. IT can be a key enabler for driving business efficiency and increasing ‘speed to market’ when implemented effectively.

It is the job of information technology (IT) to support a company's business strategy over the long term. Specialists from PwC analyse, evaluate and improve the complex interrelationships between a business’s strategy and the way it is organised, between business processes and IT systems, and also within the company's system of internal controls. Through a combination of technical and management expertise, PwC’s experts ensure that the professional requirements of the business’s managers are supported as efficiently as possible by their IT systems.

How to optimize IT cost and performance


You want to know if your IT investments are yielding appropriate results for your business. You need to understand the business metrics you should use to gauge IT performance. You want to know the best way to ensure alignment between IT and the business. You want to understand how to cut costs without harming the business. You recognize the need to know if future costs take into account the complexity of your IT operations. PricewaterhouseCoopers has helped the world’s largest organizations generate greater strategic value from their IT investments. Services we provide include the following:

  • Determining if your current IT investments are yielding appropriate results
    Using PwC’s Total Spend AnalysisTM (TSA) Tool, our IT management chart of accounts and industry benchmarks, we help quantify your IT spending and rate it according to impact on business objectives and risk.
  • Improving alignment between IT and the business
    This includes an objectives review analysis that exposes gaps and areas of misalignment between IT and business objectives.
  • Developing the proper metrics required to gauge future IT performance
    A capability maturity analysis can help your organization assess the gaps between current IT performance capabilities and leading practices in the industry or process.
  • Optimizing the value of IT spending
    A combined analysis that includes total expenditures, a capability maturity assessment and an enterprise workforce assessment will provide you with a multidimensional picture of your IT business to help guide IT investment decisions.

Data Management


In a global marketplace where systems, people and processes are interconnected, quality data is an organisation’s most valued asset. Our Data Management team views data as the lifeblood of your organisation. We see it as much more than masses of information. It is a critical factor in reaching a company’s performance goals.

Our structured approach and methodology, called Data Quality: OnTarget, begins with data accountability and ownership that is then aligned with best-practice strategies. Along with our proven processes, tools and experience, we can assist you in maximising the value of data assets throughout your enterprise. Companies that view data management as a strategic imperative reap the benefits of operational cost reduction, increased revenue and reduced regulatory risks.

PwC can assist you with the development and implementation of a Data Management strategy and ongoing data management processes, assess data quality, manage and perform data transformation and conversion, provide data mining and data analysis services.

The advantages of proactive data management:

  • Information more rapidly provided without any need of extra manual intervention
  • Flexible corporate reporting system reduces adaptation costs in case of new information requirements
  • Greater transparency as a result of comparable and consistent information throughout all systems
  • Greater confidence in the quality of corporate data on the part of all stakeholders

IT Operations


PwC has helped the world’s largest organizations reduce IT complexity and learn to proactively manage business growth and change.

  • Building robust IT portfolio management capabilities
    PwC Advisory will help you establish processes and procedures for managing investments, applications, hardware and IT services to create strong portfolio management capabilities.
  • Effectively managing introduction of new technologies
    PwC Advisory will help develop and standardize the processes for evaluating, testing and implementing new technologies, enabling the ROI impact and competitive advantages to be quickly achieved.
  • Improving service levels
    PwC Advisory will conduct a “voice of the customer” assessment to understand the user’s perception of the level of service they are receiving from IT. We will help identify root causes of service-level expectation gaps and assist in the development of a plan and implementation of processes to improve service performance, including change issues related to customer expectations.
  • Maintaining a viable system of accounting and reporting controls
    PwC Advisory will conduct an assessment of IT controls with an emphasis on change management procedures. Based on the findings, we will assist with the enhancement of processes to ensure that systems are properly controlled, and that they contain accurate data and are appropriately maintained.
  • Managing the business demand for IT service
    the processes and framework for requesting, approving, assessing, prioritizing and addressing business-customer requests to IT. This will include not only those processes related directly to IT, but also those to be followed by the users of IT services.

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