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Real time and holistic information about client business relationships helps companies to respond rapidly during sales pitches and maintain flexible and balanced communication with customers onsite and offsite

Incorrect HR coordination and not analysing workload correctly for each project or task wastes financing which could be better utilized elsewhere in a business. For example, knowing that FTE spent 8 hours at work without knowing on which tasks, clients and/or processes the time was used on is not sufficient information for operating a business where people are the key assets effectively.

Increasing productivity, distributing the workload adequately within a team, collecting information about the complexity of the tasks, and identifying tasks employees perform which do not have added value and should be eliminated can be done by knowing how business hours are actually utilized during the workday by employees and teams.

Information collected from the time management application can be used during the evaluation process of an employee's performance by identifying the strengths and weaknesses based on the time spent during the performance of individual tasks and processes. This information can be used as a baseline for benchmarking the performance of employees and teams.

Client challenge

A PwC customer stored data about customers in multiple spreadsheets and at multiple locations which were updated hourly, e.g. on contract management, volumes sold, key client contact information, information about requests for proposals and whether they were successful or not, etc. The quality of the data, which was stored in Excel, was not subject to automatic controls, which meant a time consuming communication between back and middle office employees and the sales department. Report generation for decision making was also time consuming and did not support a problem-free environment for lean company management and taking rapid decisions.

Our client asked us to provide them with an end-to-end solution for client management which would: consolidate all information about their business relationship, avoid errors and incorporate an automatic control environment, facilitate a rapid response to requests for proposals, monitor the performance of the sales team by tracking KPIs, provide real time evaluation and online information to other departments supporting the front office (keeping middle and back office up to speed and ensuring an adequate response to close deals) and which would be easily auditable with data change tracking.


PwC has developed an advanced customer management application to provide real time information to the sales team for advanced communication with customers, to correctly custody contracts which are easily accessible, provide real time back-office and middle-office with underlying data for follow up, which includes role based dashboarding and many more functions.

Our solution was fully customized to meet the client’s business needs, connected to different data sources (e.g. market prices, trading data, real time commodity data, etc.), automated processes for summarizing data from contracts, and preparing reward overviews for the sales team and other reports.

A notification mechanism was also created to inform about data changes to relevant persons and change request processes.

Key functionalities of the application:

1. Storing validated contract records with preview of history of changes
2. Customizable faces with fixed processing logic to avoid data errors and application of standardized calculations
3. Reporting for stored data prepared for all specified roles
4. Change request mechanism for different data changes
5. Notifications for all specific changes (notify roles or specific users)
6. Consolidating data in required form for other departments (e.g. middle and/or back office)
7. Preparation of standard reports or customizable reports with data filtering
8. Dashboarding customized to individual roles and responsibilities
9. Audit track reports


The application supports our client in establishing transparent and easily auditable client management, prevents backlogs by sharing data with middle and back-office, provides real time dashboarding and measuring of sales department performance, and consolidates multiple information sources on one screen (e.g. trading commodity prices, required margin for a given client, etc.). Dashboarding strengthens the control environment and simplifies reporting requirements.

The online application is customizable for individual roles, so each user receives the essential information they require.

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