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CEE is the top region of choice for Shared Service Centres and Business Process Outsourcing (SSC & BPO) investments. This is driven by its central location and cultural proximity to Western Europe, the availability of highly educated staff and a comprehensive investment support system in countries such as Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Romania.

The business service centre segment has been one of the fastest growing industries in Slovakia over the past decade. Currently, there are more than 60 centres with over 40 000 employees which provide a large range of services to their corporations and clients across Europe and globally. Many of the centres have become centres of excellence, but continue to face challenges, such as the need for the digital upskilling of their people and extensive automation of their processes.

Areas where PwC provides its professional services:

Audit and Assurance Services

PwC Slovakia is the largest provider of assurance services to global SSCs in Slovakia. Our services are based on a fully standardised and centralised audit of companies’ internal controls and accounting processes. We provide the results of our services to group auditors and coordinate our work with a large number of local audit teams in Europe and around the globe. Thus, our service approach continuously reflects the business strategies of SSC to standardise, centralise and digitalise their operations.

Benchmarking of Processes, Effectivity, Standardisation and Automation Services

Our community of teams with SSC experience includes more than 300 assurance professionals working with over 40 SSCs in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Romania. We are therefore best positioned to provide SSCs with benchmarking of processes, effectivity, standardisation and automation. We also regularly share our experience of centralised delivery models in order to provide best practices to our teams internally and provide value added service to our clients.

PwC Academy

PwC Academy is a leading provider of professional qualifications to SSCs and other companies in Slovakia. 

Tax and Accounting Services

PwC provides support to shared service centres when implementing new accounting standards and shares EU regulatory updates on accounting and taxation matters. Our tax experts advice SSC's on local tax rules and transfer pricing requirements. Our Tax Reporting & Strategy team acts as their partner in tax compliance delivery and supports SSC's in the transition of their tax function to one that is fit for the future.

Risk Assurance

Our Risk assurance teams are ready to talk to companies about our perspectives on Automation including Robotics Process Automation, Dashboarding, Visualisation, Process mining and or Data analytics tools, etc.

Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG)

PwC Slovakia supports organizations in a wide range of areas related to sustainable development and process efficiency.

People and Organization

We help companies in all areas of HR management. We will advise you on how to effectively use personnel costs, implement a remuneration system, motivate employees, and increase competitiveness on the labour market. Know-how and experience from the local market allow all our consultants to prepare professional individual solutions and help increase your return on investment in human capital.

The Business Service Centres Forum

PwC is one of the founding members of the Business Service Centres Forum, actively contributes to its activities in HR and to education at universities and high schools. PwC provides inputs to its surveys, shares results of global SSC surveys and speaks at BSCF conferences on thought leadership topics

Sett up SSCs and expand

With our regional sources, global sources and experience, we help companies set up SSCs, expand their operations and consider the availability of governmental investment schemes and incentives. We also provide companies with an assessment of their maturity stage in the SSC lifecycle. 

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