Energy & Utilities

Globalization and the need for a secure, affordable energy supply go hand in hand.

Economic development depends on sufficient energy sources – oil, gas, electricity, coal, and others. The availability and security of these resources are on the minds of many, from consumers and political leaders to company executives.

Slovakia has undergone a process of harmonization to bring its energy sector standards in line with those of the EU. The country is also seeing a gradual decrease in its dependence on solid fuels as the primary energy source.

PwC has been providing professional services to energy, utilities, and mining companies all over the world for more than 100 years. We help companies confront the industry's most challenging changes and issues.

Main Industry Issues

  • Permanent sustainability of energy sources.
  • Compliance with legislative and reporting requirements of regulatory authorities.
  • Supply security, price increases for utilities and services in the energy sector.
  • Climate change and environmental protection.
  • Introduction of excise taxes on utilities.
  • EU Emissions Trading Scheme.

We can assist with

  • enhancing the outcome and effectiveness of processes
  • transactions and consolidations within the energy and mining sector
  • managing financial and political risks
  • recruiting and retaining qualified staff
  • integrating steps for environmental protection and decelerating climate change into the overall business strategy
  • preparing and implementing a carbon emissions trading strategy – from identifying cost-effective emission reduction projects to carrying out transactions with emissions
  • ensuring revenues from services in the energy sector and maximizing profitability
  • managing the supply chain
  • tax compliance reviews
  • regulation and legal compliance
  • auditing financial statements prepared under Slovak accounting

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