General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Management Kit

An automated solution for personal data management

Personal data protection is challenging for all organizations, irrespective of their size, industry, or territory. Organizations must be in compliance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). How efficiently they do it will impact costs and processes, and can in the end bring added value to the organization. That’s why we developed our personal data protection solutions to provide the most efficient way to comply. How did we do it? Read on.

Knowing the legislation and regulatory guidance alone is not enough to ensure effective personal data management.

Our know-how lies in combining three areas:

Our clients’ ongoing effort to comply with GDPR and personal data protection laws across Europe ensures we are up to speed and can apply the latest regulatory guidance to our solutions.

Personal data protection is not an isolated area. We know it must be managed while taking account of different business process.

We see how simple spreadsheets and generation of required documentation can become the enemy of every Data Protection Officer (DPO). To ensure consistency and effectiveness and save time, some processes need to be automated.

Customized solution

It is difficult to find an effective solution for GDPR compliance that is applicable to all organizations. How do we ensure that the management of personal data protection is customized in all stages?

1. We apply GDPR requirements in the context of your company supported by our experience.

2. We use automated tools that allow scaling and customization.

3. For each automated solution we provide, we offer training, implementation and a maintenance plan.


We have developed an automated tool for managing the personal data protection agenda. It allows all relevant tasks to be administered using a single interface. In accordance with the ‘single source of truth’ principle, all information on personal data processing is stored at one location and exported and analysed as needed.

GDPR Management Kit

An automated tool with a simple user interface to manage the personal data protection agenda.

Practical examples

1. Effective and consistent personal data inventory with a simple user interface.


2. Simple and consistent data entry using pre-defined options (but fully tailored to your data structure).


3. Automated Data protection impact assessment under GDPR Article 35.


4. Automated export of Records of processing activities (GDPR Article 30).

5. Automated export of Information on processing under GDPR Articles 13 and 14.

6. Co-operation between various users (e.g. DPO and IT Department when defining data erasure rules).

7. Preparing customised reports: a fully relational database at the core of the GDPR Management Kit allows for the analysis of all personal data processing parameters, e.g. using MS Power BI.


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Our automated solution for the management of personal data protection

We will be happy to give you a personal demonstration how the GDPR Management Kit can make your DPO’s agenda more effective. Our colleagues from PwC Slovakia who have developed and implemented the GDPR Management Kit and will be happy to give you a live demonstration (at a personal or virtual meeting), which will not take more than 15 minutes.

Please leave us your contact details and we will be glad to get in touch with you:

Štefan Čupil

Partner, Risk Assurance Leader, PwC Slovakia

+421 911 964 212


Marek Frecer

Senior Manager, Karadžičova 2, 815 32 Bratislava, PwC Slovakia

+421 915 998 429


In addition, we also support practical solutions for personal data protection through networks and co-operation in Slovakia:

1. DPO Forum 

The objective of this platform is to bring together experts, advisors, and data protection officers who often deal with similar issues and are willing to share their experience and best practices when meeting the requirements for personal data protection. If you wish to participate in the platform’s activities and attend its meetings, please contact the persons below.

2. Newsletter on current topics related to personal data protection

We are preparing a regular newsletter with news and useful facts related to personal data protection. The topics addressed will include: new legislation and regulations, information on leaks and incidents, and other matters of interest. Sign up for a free subscription using the link below:


Contact us

Štefan Čupil

Štefan Čupil

Partner, Risk Assurance Leader, PwC Slovakia

Tel: +421 911 964 212

Marek Frecer

Marek Frecer

Senior Manager, PwC Slovakia

Tel: +421 915 998 429

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