Improving warehouse productivity by more than 50% with the assistance of PwC

Case study

Annual savings of EUR 0.75 million

Waste and improvement possibilities identified

Improved warehouse productivity by more than 50%

During a joint project of a leading logistics company and its client, a prominent fashion e-retailer in Central and Eastern Europe, the experts from our OpEx team helped map logistical operations, identify waste and possibilities for improvement to increase productivity and throughput of a quickly expanding warehouse of the international online fashion retailer.


Our approach

To understand the existing processes, investigate the waste rate, and identify possibilities for improvement, the OpEx team carried out and delivered the following studies:
  • value stream mapping; 
  • PUMP analysis (analysing pace, utilization, methods, and performance); 
  • spaghetti diagrams (observing warehouse movements); 
  • methods and observations of job descriptions (utilization);
  • standardization of activities;
  • impartibility workshop to assess improvement possibilities; and 
  • high-level implementation plan.

Satisfied client

We provided a complex analysis of the warehouse operations. We identified waste and suggested improvements. We also defined a clear and realistic implementation plan and identified potential annual savings of up to EUR 0.75 million.
We succeeded in increasing warehouse productivity by more than 50%.

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