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We provide professional and complex business solutions with over 3,500 corporate lawyers in more than 90 jurisdictions worldwide and, therefore, have wide legal expertise across the world. Working alongside the leading experts in tax, human resource consulting, and corporate finance, our legal team brings the capability of full-scale legal services and innovative, tailor-made solutions to the specific needs of our clients



Transactions, acquisitions and mergers

  • guidance during negotiations and transactions, acquisitions and mergers
  • legal audits (due diligence)
  • complex preparation of mergers and de-mergers of companies, and acquisitions
  • finalizing of transactions and acquisitions

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Commercial and corporate law

  • preparation of tailor-made commercial contracts
  • advising during negotiations, concluding changes, securing and termination of contractual relationships
  • advising on and preparation of documentation regarding establishment, changes and deletion of companies, and branches of Slovak and foreign entities 
  • representation in Commercial Register proceedings

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Real estate law

  • preparation of tailor-made real estate contracts
  • assessment of drafts of real estate contracts
  • identifying and minimizing legal and tax risks related to real estate transactions
  • due diligence (asset deals)
  • comprehensive representation before cadastre authorities

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Labour law

  • preparation of employment contracts and other documentation regarding labour law
  • identifying risks related to changes and terminations of employment relationships
  • advice on cross-border posting of employees and business trips
  • analysis of potential labour disputes and sanctions by supervisory authorities and proposal of ways to prevent or minimize them 

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Tax law

  • analysis of direct taxes, VAT, excise duties, local taxes and fees
  • analysis of tax and legal aspects of client’s business activity
  • minimizing tax risks and potential tax impacts of transactions
  • representing clients in tax audits 

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  • preparation of actions and representation in tax and customs disputes
  • preparation of actions and representation in commercial and civil disputes
  • preparation of actions and representation in public procurement disputes

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Personal data protection

  • assessment of compliance with applicable and effective regulation on personal data protection
  • assessment of compliance with new EU regulations (e.g. GDPR)
  • considering measures necessary to ensure compliance with this new legal regulation effective from May 2018
  • preparation of documentation related to personal data protection 

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Transfer pricing

  • preparation of transfer pricing contracts
  • assessment of existing contractual relationship within the group
  • transfer pricing model proposals
  • informing on changes to transfer pricing 

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Public procurement

  • providing legal advice for candidates and tenderers in public procurement 

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Immigration services

  • EU citizens residence registration and obtaining a residence permit
  • Notifications of start and end of stays in Slovakia
  • Verification of invitations with the Foreign Police
  • Schengen visa
  • Work permit
  • Residence permit
  • Extension of work permits and residence permits
  • Preparation and submission of information cards to the Labour Office
  • Reporting to the National Labour Inspectorate on assigned employees providing services
  • Representation at the Labour Office during negotiations on the number of employees that can be assigned for work in Slovakia
  • Advisory on obtaining work permits and residence permits for third-country nationals
  • Organizing the relevant document validation (apostille, superlegalisation)

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