Time Management Solution

Correct management of workforce, identifying and analysing cost saving opportunities, balanced allocation and planning of workload to assist clients in achieving business objectives

One of the most important aspects of effective business management is being close to your customers at all times and having real time information about your business relationships. Such information relates to closed contracts, who is serving a client, providing clients with a rapid response to requests for proposals, utilizing available information from multiple sources to strengthen your relationships and assessing the performance of your team.

As regards our application solutions focused on customer management, the level of customisation is unlimited, as not all businesses operate in the same way, and different KPIs are important for different businesses and each customer is unique.

To avoid multiple sources of data storage and information, PwC has developed an application which supports your client management by creating a single accurate source providing all required information for your business in a single application, which can be connected to other sources via an API, to facilitate a holistic approach to clients.

Client challenge

Management needs to know whether they have enough employees to fulfil business needs and whether the organization structure needs adjusting to correctly manage the workload within individual departments by performing tasks on time and in the required quality. As part of cost saving activities, the correct distribution of workload needs to be addressed with a focus on avoiding unnecessary overtime and identifying cost saving drivers by minimizing and eliminating tasks and processes without added value.

Without a time management application, decisions about the required number of employees to perform tasks are not driven by digitized data or benchmarks. The application ensures the right decisions are made regarding time reduction on tasks with no or low added values as part of cost saving operations and a focus on correct staffing for complex assignments. Setting benchmarks for individual tasks and processes improves productivity and workload management.


PwC has developed a time management application for managing the workforce with a focus on fulfilling business needs and improving business performance. The application supports the correct allocation of the workforce as regards individual processes and tasks, planning and managing the workload for individuals and teams and keeping staff costs under control.

Our application is fully customisable to operation and business needs, easily connectable to different sources (e.g. HR systems, accounting, etc.) and can assist in the automation of multiple processes within a company. Managers can analyse the efficiency and effectiveness of performed processes and tasks on a daily basis and take decisions regarding workforce allocation by using a set of reports.

Key functionalities of the application:

1. Fully customisable application to mirror your business needs in relation to people management
2. Time tracking per task, process and per person and department or unit
3. Establishment of benchmarks for individual tasks and processes
4. Set of customisable reports for correct management of workforce and identifying areas for cost saving
5. Setting individual roles and permissions for users
6. Data baseline for assessment of performance of workforce


Real-time and direct access to information about time spent helps on-the-spot workforce management and avoids unpleasant surprises regarding overtime and inefficient processes being undertaken.

Established dashboarding strengthens the control environment and simplifies reporting requirements. The online application can be customized to individual roles, so each user receives the essential information they require. Managers can generate reports and analyse their teams’ progress over a selected time period.

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