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The Smart Maintenance Tool is a solution used by various industries for easy problem reporting and for quick and efficient maintenance troubleshooting. The tool is also designed to track and trace maintenance workers and key assets in real time. 

How we can help

The smart maintenance tool is an easy to use solution and comprises a web-based application with cloud-based data storage. The tool provides an end-to-end solution for the client and no other software, or hardware is required. The tool can be accessed via a laptop or smartphone and requires only an internet connection. Implementation of the tool is very straightforward.

The smart maintenance tool equips maintenance leaders and firm managers with:

Management of maintenance staff:

  • Paperless maintenance solution
  • Utilization tracking of maintenance workers
  • Real time shift utilization monitoring
  • Monitoring maintenance workers KPIs for process improvement

Management of assets:

  • Overview of asset failures history
  • Dynamic asset prioritization
  • Real time asset downtime tracking
  • Dashboard of current failures and monitoring
  • Immediate problem solving in production due to real time notifications

Benefits of the solution

Maintenance cost reduction – The smart maintenance tool enables you to better manage assets, breakdowns and staff and reduce the costs of repairs and personnel

Asset monitoring – monitoring of downtime of key assets, problem solving and dynamic prioritization

Utilization tracking – Monitoring of maintenance staff, utilization and tasks in real time

KPI matrix – for continuous improvement process 

Example of the solution

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