Value Added Tax

Our indirect tax team can help make your operations more effective, so you can minimise VAT and administrative costs. Advising on VAT implications and structuring of your transactions in Slovakia we make use of relevant argumentation from the applicable court cases as well as our vast practical experience with the Slovak tax authorities.

Automated VAT Compliance Solution ensures all steps in the VAT compliance process are completed and saves your time for other important work.

Why our Automated VAT Compliance Solution? 

  • Fast and transparent
  • Quick deployment
  • Process documentation
  • The solution can be implemented as a software as a service or fully outsourced.

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VAT compliance and registration

  • VAT registration in Slovakia and abroad
  • Preparation and filing of VAT and Intrastat reports
  • Preparation and keeping of VAT records
  • Review of VAT reporting
  • Registration for electronic communication with the Financial Administration of the Slovak Republic and Slovak Statistical office
  • Other - VAT deregistration, appeals against penalties, communication with tax authorities, etc.

VAT compliance automation

  • Analysis of VAT and Intrastat reports preparations processes
  • Preparation of VAT compliance automation solutions
  • Implementation of automation solution
  • Setting up automatic control mechanisms
  • Assistance with mapping of commercial transactions in accounting systems

VAT advisory

  • Comprehensive VAT review of a company
  • Identification of VAT related opportunities for potential cost savings
  • Analysis of VAT implications of a restructuring (e.g. mergers, sale of a business)
  • Complex VAT analysis of cross-border transactions
  • Examination of commercial contracts and business relations from VAT perspective
  • Assessment of obligation to register for VAT purposes in Slovakia and abroad
  • Strategic VAT planning (e.g. reduce risk of costly and time-consuming disputes)
  • VAT helpline - prompt support with routine VAT related questions

Assistance with VAT inspections

  • Representation during a VAT inspection or investigation
  • Preparation of responses and underlying documentation in VAT audit proceedings
  • Preparation of appeals against tax assessment decisions
  • Participation in negotiations with tax authorities

VAT refund

  • Assessment of entitlement to VAT refund
  • Preparation of VAT refund claims and relevant documentation
  • Communication with tax authorities
  • Representation of foreign companies when claiming a VAT refund in Slovakia
  • Representation of Slovak companies when claiming a VAT refund in the EU

Protection against VAT fraud

  • Identification of suspicious, risk-bearing transactions
  • Examination of commercial relations to minimize risk of involvement in a VAT fraud
  • Review of potential risk-bearing transactions from the supplier and customer perspective
  • Set-up of adequate controls



“For many companies, VAT reporting is a considerable administrative burden; however, it can be reduced to a large extent by automation. In this context, software solutions do not have to be expensive; automation is also possible without costly modifications of the accounting software and purchases of additional modules.”

Miloslav Jošt, Senior Manager
eva ficova

Bad Debt Relief (BDR) is introduced in Slovakia

Download (PDF of 2.94mb)

Protection against VAT fraud

The fight against VAT fraud has become one of the major priorities of tax audits in Slovakia.

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