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With multiple jurisdictions operating independently, it’s difficult to identify trends or get a clear view of tax and accounting statuses, due dates, and deadlines. A decentralized approach makes it difficult to manage processes, communicate effectively, or be responsive. 

In addition, e-mail communication in data collection and project cooperation is becoming outdated. We see a trend of moving away from e-mails (and accidently copying or not copying the right person).

Whether your projects are local or global, our digital web-based collaboration platform will empower you full transparency across all Tax, Legal and People projects.

How we can help

As a global network, we designed a new way of working  to enhance your outcomes with time-savings, transparency, efficiency and deeper insights that drive additional value and better quality for you.

We are adopting a single approach and single platform - Engagement Center - revolutionizing the way we work and deliver some services. 

Engagement Center is our digitally enabled web based client collaboration platform that delivers a fully connected and digitized experience for you through a single portal, from the same service professionals you already know and trust.

Benefits of the solution

Engagement Center enables our service delivery by supporting the management of activities and requests, sharing of data and documents and monitoring the progress of deliverables — all in one place with our core application:


A centralised and secure hub for all documents exchanged throughout an engagement.1

Data / Requests:

Avoid email and standardise data collection by requesting and receiving information in one place, reduce risk when working with highly confidential data.


Stay on top of deliverables with this light-touch project management tool that allows your teams to see activities, dates, responsibilities, and status.


Save time by accessing real-time data analysis with automated reports.


Visualize your project, company status, milestones, deliverables and tasks, all in one place.

Engagement Center is built to collect, manage and work with your data. The result? Using our platform your and our teams can be more productive delivering additional value, insights and saving time.

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