General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Management Kit


The GDPR Management Kit is an automated tool with a simple user interface to manage the personal data protection agenda. The core of the tool is a fully relational database for capturing and efficiently accessing all aspects of personal data processing at a company. It documents the details of all personal data processing activities and allows all relevant DPO tasks to be administered via a single interface (e.g. data subject requests, managing consent, performing DPIA, supplier audits, etc.). In line with the ‘single source of truth’ principle, all information on personal data processing is stored at one location and exported and analysed as needed.

Compared to available competing solutions, our tool offers significantly more customization options and a significantly lower cost for implementation and use. There are no required license fees per user and the number of users is unlimited.

Using the GDPR Management Kit for the data privacy agenda automates and streamlines required tasks, e.g. updating documentation.

The GDPR Management Kit will improve the efficiency of managing a client’s DPO agenda. Keeping the privacy program up-to-date with the latest developments at the company will save a great deal of time via the use of automated exports and automatic document production (e.g. privacy notices).

How we can help

EU legislation 

Assisting our clients with compliance with GDPR and EU personal data protection laws ensures we are up to speed and able to apply the latest regulatory guidance to our solutions.


Effective processes 

Personal data protection is not an isolated area and must be managed while taking into account business processes.



We know spreadsheets and creating the required documentation can become the enemy of every Data Protection Officer (DPO). To ensure consistency and effectiveness and save time, some processes need to be automated.


GDPR Management Kit Video

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Example of the solution


PwC GDPR Management Kit
Cost of implementation and operation starts from
10 000 EUR
/ entity
  • Effective
  • Practical
  • Automated
  • Customized

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