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Welcome your new audit experience

Delivering exceptional quality


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A perfect blend of people + technology

Quality first, purpose always. That’s what drives us today and it’s how we’re bringing the audit into the future. Led by people who have the passion and skills to make a difference. And enhanced by powerful technology. Discover how we’re reimagining the possible for you, and for companies around the world, every day.

Explore the six benefits of tomorrow’s audit, today


Our team’s audit and digital IQ delivers high quality, exceptional service and new insights

Bringing the best of human and machine to your audit. We’re making big investments in people and technology. The result: auditors who are digitally upskilled and continually looking for ways to bring innovation along with the integrity, independence, and professional scepticism you expect—digital problem solvers for your audit.


How we do it

We call it citizen-led innovation, a unique approach for equipping our people with new skills and giving them the tools and freedom to put this learning to work. Ask us about what we’ve learned and how we use our Digital Lab, a virtual space where our people can collaborate, create, and share audit automations.


Right-sizing your audit with relevant audit plans, targeted testing, and enhanced quality

We deliver a risk assessment that’s as unique as your business. Using Aura and our Halo suite of tools to analyse your data, we can prioritize the most relevant financial reporting risks.


How we do it

Our Aura auditing platform delivers an audit more tailored to your business, and is used globally across all of our audits. A more targeted audit plan specifies risk levels, controls reliance, and substantive testing. And our Halo data auditing suite enables us to analyse your data to better spot anomalies and areas of potential risk.


A real-time view across the globe

Track progress and stay in touch with us through our Connect platform. It eliminates the need to track countless emails and you’ll also be able to see the status of audit requests, adjustments, control deficiencies, and statutory audit progress for all global locations—in real time.


How we do it

Collaborative workflow tools automatically flag and track outstanding items and issues for more immediate attention and resolution. You have a real-time view into audit progress, anytime, anywhere. This process continues through our time-tested, world-class issue resolution process.


Less data prep, more automation saves you time

We’ll reduce the time you spend on the audit by automating manual tasks and streamlining workflow. We can also phase work throughout the year so audit season is less hectic. Together, we can complete much of the audit earlier, lessening crunch time in the end and providing more timely issue resolution.


How we do it

Our Acceleration Centres are devoted to specific areas of the audit, such as cash and accounts payable. Here, team members apply deep expertise and advanced tech tools to drive quality and efficiency.


Automations built by your audit team just for your audit

Your PwC team members are digitally trained and continually look for opportunities to automate routine audit tasks. Your Digital Accelerator, an auditor with specialized tech training, can also spot audit areas ripe for digital improvement—then build the automations to make it happen. These custom innovations along with deep sector experience and audit acumen make for an audit more tailored to your business.


How we do it

On-the-ground innovation is possible because of our commitment to building a truly digital workforce—made up of people who are skilled and empowered to use the latest tech to solve audit challenges. Powered by our Digital Lab, they’ll build bots, automated workflows, and data visualizations tailor-made for your audit to help eliminate busy work and reduce the potential for errors.


Bringing audit insights to life so you can see your business better

With time saved on manual audit tasks made digital, your audit team can focus on digging deeper into important audit matters in a new way. From start to finish, they’ll leverage your audit data to bring deeper analysis, smarter anomaly detection, and the ability to spot audit-related trends.


How we do it

Our suite of tools enables us to better spot anomalies or new trends. We then use the latest data visualization tools so you can see beyond numbers on a page. This also enables us to target testing and unlock new value and analysis related to critical audit areas.

PwC's audit technology

Turning 'Must do' into 'Oh wow.' One insight at a time.

What guides our technology strategy? A balance of the operational and aspirational, always investing ahead of the curve. Pivoting as new technology comes to market, we assess learnings from ongoing initiatives. Come explore our audit technology solutions.

Welcome to the future. See how other clients are already experiencing PwC's innovative audit approach.

Custom automations

On a recent global engagement, the PwC team leveraged the Digital Lab to create dozens of tailored innovations for the audit. The client’s own team directly benefited from the more streamlined audit process. More time saved. Less business disruption.

50,000 digitally upskilled people

With training in the latest tech tools and digital ways of working, your audit team has the passion and freedom to reimagine the possible every day. Collectively, they’ve created and shared more than 4,000 automations, data visualizations, and other digital assets to increase quality and improve the audit experience.

Revenue testing made more efficient

For one global client, our audit Digital Accelerators created an automated workflow that significantly improved the speed and enhanced the quality of revenue testing. They also used visualizations to easily and more effectively examine potential risk areas. Innovating the audit. Changing the experience.

Audit schedules created instantly

Our Extract tool automatically—and securely—accesses ERP data, eliminating handoffs and reducing room for error. The benefit for one global client? 600 data auditing schedules created in an instant. And time spent by their staff pulling data and answering audit queries reduced by half. Adding quality. Saving time.

Beyond tomorrow: From our Labs to your audit

Building trust in society and solving important problems drives everything we do—especially the audit. And we never lose sight of our purpose, even as we look to the future. The leading platforms that power today’s audit are just the beginning, and we continue to develop the next wave of innovation to drive even higher quality. In the tools that drive us forward and in how our people work with one another and with clients to achieve more for the audit. From exploring new ways of using data to surface strategic insights, to redefining digital collaboration, and elevating your experience in the process.

Just a few areas we’re excited to discuss with you: adding cognitive artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to our powerful data lake and opening up the world of practical AI to improve existing audit processes. Together with leading organizations such as Carnegie Mellon University, we’re driving innovation in order to deliver greater benefits for you.

And our pioneering efforts are getting noticed. We’re proud to have earned the 2019 Audit Innovation of the Year award for It represents a quantum leap in the use of technology in the audit, using AI to intelligently automate not just elements of the audit of cash but the whole end-to-end process.

Get tomorrow’s audit, today.

Trust. Quality. Innovation. What does one have to do with the others? Everything. We need confidence in the machines that make our work more efficient, as much as we do in the people who harness them. That’s why we are facing digital disruption head on. To reimagine the audit with equal parts automation and human experience. And ushering in an experience revolution for you and your team. That’s tomorrow’s audit, today.

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