Maturity Assessment


A maturity assessment is an interactive digital tool for evaluating the maturity level in key areas of business. Regular health checks are the best way to see a different perspective and ensure that possible threats and improvements to your business are addressed in time. Maturity assessment solutions look at the core business areas:

Equipment efficiency, maintenance optimization, quality improvement, workforce assessment, shopfloor assessment, value stream mapping, and stockkeeping and portfolio management.

How we can help

A maturity assessment is a balanced approach including a standardized assessment, tailored workshops and operational studies which provides a tailored set of recommendations for your organization. 

A maturity assessment comes in a basic package which includes:

  • Workforce assessment,
  • Shopfloor assessment,
  • Value stream mapping,
  • Equipment efficiency,

and other optional services:

  • Stockkeeping and portfolio management,
  • Maintenance optimization,
  • Quality improvement.

How will a maturity assessment be executed at your business?

A maturity assessment is executed in 7 steps:

1. Analysis of selected areas
2. Mapped current processes with recommendations for increasing efficiency
3. Maturity assessment of selected areas to compare yourself to other players in the industry
4. Strategic recommendations
5. Training plan for your staff based on identified gaps
6. Implementation plan on tackling improvements in a systematic manner
7. High-level business case

Benefits of the solution

Cost reduction – a maturity assessment can help you identify opportunities for cost reduction in multiple areas

Overall maturity assessment – health check of your business in core areas

Revenue growth – identifying gaps, bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement

High level business case and implementation plan – how to tackle improvements in a systematic manner

Example of the solution

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