We are much more than just auditors!

From strategy to implementation

We help develop strategy, respond to risk, boost resilience to cyber threats and attacks, and thus ensure the protection of valuable company assets and maintain operating continuity of critical business processes.

We provide a wide range of cybersecurity and data protection services that will help you assess, build, and manage your cybersecurity readiness and resilience, and your incident response capabilities.

We are best known as financial auditors, but we also provide accounting, financial, legal, assurance and advisory services, as well as risk management and strategy development services. We draw on this experience when building comprehensive cybersecurity and data protection services. Our many years of experience allow us to provide comprehensive services aimed at ensuring cutting-edge cyber protection and resilience according to our clients’ requirements.


Main areas

The Cybersecurity Act (Slovak Act No. 69/2018 Coll., as amended)

What we do:

  • Compliance audit (compliance with the Cybersecurity Act) performed by certified cybersecurity auditors in accordance with the Cybersecurity Act

  • Preparation for an audit and consultancy on how to improve the level of compliance with the Cybersecurity Act requirements

Assessment of cybersecurity status

What we do:

  • Assessment of procedural, organizational, and technical cybersecurity precautions

  • Assessments carried out in accordance with international security standards and norms (NIST, ISO27k) and best practice

  • Preparation for certification audits (ISO/IEC 27001)


What we do:

  • Certification audit of automotive suppliers

  • Preparation for a certification audit and consultancy on how to achieve compliance with TISAX certification requirements

Cybersecurity Awareness

What we do:

  • Provide a comprehensive programme for company employees to continually maintain and raise their cybersecurity awareness

  • Regular phishing campaigns

  • Periodic training courses for employees

  • Phishing campaigns linked to short teaching lessons in the event of incorrect responses to phishing

  • Various engaging training materials (videos, games, series, etc.)

  • Training courses as a service or a comprehensive platform

Industrial security (operational technology)

What we do:

  • Consultancy on the implementation of security measures (organizational and technical) as regards operational technology

  • Assessment of the current cybersecurity status of industrial operational technology

  • Assessment using technical means

  • Penetration tests of organizational and technical security systems

Penetration testing

What we do:

  • Penetration testing of IT systems carried out by highly experienced, qualified, and certified experts across the CEE

  • Penetration testing by the PwC network – an established dedicated Centre of Excellence for the performance and provision of penetration testing services

  • Comprehensive services including the analysis and assessment of the tested applications’ source codes


What we do:

  • Use a unique method of assessing a company’s cybersecurity and resilience against various attack practices, methods, and known techniques of attackers

  • Assessment of security (including physical security) and logical approaches, also using social engineering methods

  • Security and resilience assessment as a programme within internal audit

  • Use hacker tools and techniques to assess a company’s security and resilience status

Outsourcing the cybersecurity manager function

What we do:

  • Outsource the cybersecurity manager role while meeting the knowledge standards defined in the Slovak Cybersecurity Act

  • Cybersecurity manager role provided by a team of certified specialists with a focus on the various specific areas of cybersecurity

  • Variable job description according to requirements

  • Dynamic allocation of the most suitable specialist (person), taking the requirements and actions to be provided into account

  • Working-time equivalent by agreement and according to customer requirements (e.g.: 1 FTE, 0.5 FTE, 0.3 FTE, etc.)

Business continuity management (BCM)

What we do:

  • Assistance and professional advice on setting BMC-related processes and technical issues

  • Assistance with the development of a disaster recovery plan

  • Assistance with, and professional supervision of, tests of disaster recovery plans

  • Revision or preparation and adjustment of internal regulations, methodologies, and auxiliary tools related to BCM

  • More about BCM



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Štefan Čupil

Štefan Čupil

Partner, Risk Assurance Leader, PwC Slovakia

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Adrian  Bagala

Adrian Bagala

Manager, PwC Slovakia

Tel: +421 903 909 186

Marko Valo

Marko Valo

Senior Consultant, PwC Slovakia

Tel: +421 948 700 744

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