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  • "Our cooperation with PwC Academy in Slovakia started in 2013, when we opened a small FIA group. Based on a very good learning experience, employees’ feedback and results, the group grew nearly 10-fold over time. The Academy helped us build an educational system for the continuous development of our professionals. Now after 3 years, more than 250 students study with us for internationally recognised qualifications including FIA, ACCA, and DipIFR every year. Study programmes are a significant part of our talent development programme. Our pass rates are excellent - over 85%. We highly appreci-ate the consultative approach and the administrative support of PwC Academy."

    Mikuláš Chovanec, CEE & MEA Statutory Accounting Manager

  • "Initially, we didn’t want FIA, and considered it to be trivial, lacking relevance, and too easy for our staff. We provided long-term comprehensive IFRS training to a carefully selected small group of employees. However, FIA enabled us to change our strategy. Now, we train more staff as regards skills and knowledge relevant to their daily tasks. 3 years of FIA teaching proved it to be a highly relevant and stimulating study programme with a very positive impact on talent retention."

    Jozef Hruška, Head of Accounting and Controlling Centre

  • "I would highly praise the work and experience of PwC Academy as regards the organisation of the IFRS international qualification course. I especially appreciated the knowledge, experience, and teaching skills of our trainer, who is a recognised expert in IFRS. Theoretical knowledge was supported by ex-amples from practice, which were always selected so they were highly relevant to the area being taught. I can highly recommend studying with the Academy to professionals working in accounting, auditing, and finance. The course increases participants’ theoretical knowledge and gives them an understanding of the practical application of IFRS."

    Romana Petríková, Audit Senior Analyst

  • "As an HR manager responsible for a Slovak branch, it is not always easy to be perfect in every HR area and also keep yourself up-to-date with new trends and best practices in HR. CIPD gave me the chance to go through all the main HR areas and take the time to think about what I could change in my professional life and what I could do better. CIPD provides a combination of professional lectures and the sharing of best practices with other HR colleagues from different sectors."

    Tatiana Lehocká, HR Manager

  • "I attended the Mini MBA program to understand the broader context of the corporate environment and to enhance my knowledge in areas beyond my current professional experience. The program met my ex-pectations in this respect. The Mini MBA combines practical experience with theoretical knowledge. The result is a non-standard, but highly functional synthesis of knowledge and skills, which I highly recommend to anyone who al-ready has a certain level of work experience."

    Jan Vachuda, Network Information Security (NIS) Manager

  • "I was very impressed with the professionalism and approach of our lecturer, Ms Vanda Šinková, and the active interaction with other participants. I have completed 3 of the 4 HR Academy modules and all of them have been very beneficial for my work. Although some parts of individual modules are not fully applicable in the environment in which I currently work (a corporation where it is sometimes not possible to set up a process), I am certain I will be able to apply the acquired knowledge in the future. All the 2-day modules were of benefit and are a suitable tool for the development of HR specialists as regards a better understanding of the HR function at different companies. The online module was a particular challenge – I felt the lack of personal interaction, and though we all had cameras, it was just not the same. I prefer face-to-face contact during training courses, although, of course, I understand this was unavoidable due to the epidemic, and I must say the organization of the training course was perfect."

    František Jenčo, HR Business Partner

  • "HR Academy provides excellent training which gives you, in addition to theoretical knowledge, plenty of practical experience, both from the lecturer and from other participants. It is a great motivation and a strong benefit that you can discuss day-to-day activities from work with colleagues from other spheres, and get a different perspective on various issues, and draw on the experience of others working in the sector. HR Academy is an ideal combination of training, discussion, testing case studies in groups, and exchanging experience with each other."

    Alexandra Štipalová, HR Administrator & Deputy HR Manager

  • "The PMP training course which I attended under the guidance of our lecturer, Mr Róbert Srnka, was excellent preparation for the PMP exams, and provided in-depth knowledge of PMI methodology. Mr Srnka explained the connection between theory and practice very clearly, used various games and ex-ercises to make the course more attractive, which significantly contributed to the fact that, immediately after passing the course, I was able to apply theory to practice. The PMP training course helped us significantly improve our project structure and documentation. The training course made an excellent impression thanks to the professionalism, client-oriented approach, and flexibility of the PwC staff. As a result, our entire One.ERP project team prepared for the PMP exams exclusively at PwC under the guidance of Mr Róbert Srnka."

    Rastislav Bekenyi, One.ERP Stream lead R2R/GL

  • "The training course took place in a pleasant atmosphere and the approach of the lecturers was highly professional. Lessons were easily comprehensible and inspiring, and took the participants’ individual requirements into account. The combination of theory with examples from practice was excellent. The organization of the training course was also excellent. The study materials were prepared at a very high level and included a great deal of valuable information for practical use. I would recommend the training course to everyone who needs to gain knowledge of IAS/IFRS."

    Emília Lencsésová, Head of the Chief Accountant’s Department

  • "I would like to express my thanks for this form of studying. I think there has not been anything like this in Slovakia before: a training course in Slovak, over a longer period of time, giving each participant the possibility and time to process the acquired knowledge, memorise it, and then really get to work with the new information. The training course was very well organized, and I highly appreciate the fact that the theory was explained using practical examples with the chance for participants to discuss issues. I will certainly recommend the course to others, and thanks once again!"

    Miroslava Križáková, Head of Accounting

  • "I rated the training course very positively. I appreciated the lecturers’ professional approach and the very well prepared study materials. The case studies and the practical examples were very useful and complemented and enhanced the learning materials. I highly recommend this training course."

    Ľubica Zaťková, Accountant

  • "A very good training course with very well prepared materials, conducted at a high professional level. Thank you. I will recommend it to my colleagues."

    Tatiana Krchnavá, Reporting Manager

  • "I have chosen the DipIFR exam to better understand the IFRS regulations and their implication on the day-to-day business and my tasks as Head of Accounting for our UK company. During the 10 day (quite intensive) training, we went not only through the IFRS theory, but also discussed the real life situations and best practices. I have attended the online course with Mr. Kupkovic who is a great tutor with a lot of experience and unique approach with his students and you can just see right away that he simply loves teaching a lot. I would recommend the training to all the accountants who already have some experience with Balance sheet and Income statement, as without any practice, the training can be rather complex and over one's head. But after successfully completing the exam, I can honestly say that I understand the connections and continuity of the accounting "world“ much better and I am using this new knowledge in my everyday life – but don't kid yourself - you will need to sit and study a lot!"

    Katarina Fecova, Team Lead General Ledger & Head of Accounting UK

  • "I am extremely glad that I decided to study DipIFR at the PwC’s Academy. I can make good use of the theoretical knowledge acquired during exam preparation, mainly thanks to my experienced tutor who gave us the benefits of his extensive practical experience, in addition to teaching us the theory via many examples. I have already completed several training courses at the PwC’s Academy, but the DipIFR was the first one where I decided to take the exam. Though the preparation was hard, it also helped me improve as regards accounting standards, as I did not have much practical experience with them until then. After successful completing the DipIFR course, I feel confident that whatever topic comes up at work, I can immediately apply the respective standard. I recommend DipIFR to everyone who works in accounting, finance, or audit. The ability to apply IFRS standards in practice will be of benefit at every company."

    Veronika Kuricová, General Ledger Team Leader

  • "The classes of the IFRS Academy training course were excellent. You have very good lecturers, who do not mechanically recite the standard texts word for word, but understand the substance and are interested in passing this “philosophy” on. I also give the PwC’s IFRS Academy training course a very positive rating compared to my experience with competing IFRS training courses. I am very happy I was able to attend your IFRS Academy training course."

    Jana Šnircová, Financial analyst

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