Governance, Risk Management, Compliance (GRC) and Internal Audits

Today’s rapidly changing business and regulatory environment requires thinking about risk in new ways. Taking an innovative approach to managing and enhancing your governance, risk and compliance (GRC) activities can help you seize opportunities, stay a step ahead of uncertainty, and meet stakeholder expectations.

PwC’s GRC team support many of the worlds’ leading organisations to capitalise on opportunities, navigate risks and deliver lasting change through the creation of a risk resilient business culture.

We can transform how you perceive - and capitalise on - risk.

Key issues

Enterprise Risk Management

We help simplify and demystify this process for our clients, by focusing on helping them take a principles-driven view of ERM and its practical application, ensuring that organizational activities and decisions reflect risk appetite. Our services draw upon decades of experience of successfully partnering with organizations of all shapes and sizes, allowing us to leverage key insights, and benchmarks to ensure we deliver bespoke ERM systems, while reflecting standard good practice and leading approaches.

How we can help:

  • Articulate and understand risk appetite across your business
  • Access the latest technology and practices for managing risk
  • Set up efficient risk reporting
  • Risk management aligned to goals
  • Evaluate, design and implement ERM system


An increase in the scope and geographical reach of ethical and compliance risk in recent years means organizations must now better understand their exposure to compliance risk, and take action to mediate its effects. We believe that integrated compliance capabilities must play a role in breaking down silos and helping companies to develop proactive and holistic compliance policy frameworks. These actions ensure a more effective, efficient, and sustainable compliance model, helping organizations to understand and address their compliance risks both today and in the future.

How we can help:

  • Compliance risk analysis and monitoring
  • Compliance framework design and implementation
  • Compliance programme maturity assessment
  • Culture and behaviour assessment
  • Regulatory health checks

Operational resilience, crisis and continuity

Business resilience builds on the principles of business continuity but extends much further to help enhance your organization’s immune system, so you can tackle challenges, fend off problems, and bounce back more quickly.

We use our practical experience to help organizations build resilience solutions that work in practice, applying this across all our services, from capability reviews to crisis rehearsals. Using the resources of the entire company and expertise of your industry, we can help you integrate resilience into the wider business context, ensuring you are confident and prepared when a crisis hits.

How we can help: 

  • Operational resilience
  • Crisis management
  • Business continuity management


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Štefan Čupil

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Silvia Kodýdek Marušincová

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Jozef Mitka

Senior Manager, PwC Slovakia

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