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Rules for Slovak VAT compliance are relatively complicated. Invoices must be included in VAT reports and criteria such as invoice date, invoice receipt date and due date must be included as well as date of supply.

Most multinational companies use ERP systems without proper Slovak localization, meaning the VAT compliance reports cannot be exported from the ERP, but rather must be manually prepared in separate sheets from the ERP outputs. Such manual processing increases the risk of human errors, which may result in penalties. On the other hand, Slovak localization of the ERP represents a significant cost, which most companies cannot afford.

How we can help

PwC has developed an analytics solution to optimize your VAT compliance process. The Automated VAT Compliance solution automatically processes data and prepares VAT compliance reports with just a few clicks, significantly reducing manual adjustments.

The Automated VAT Compliance is tailored to your data and files – it automatically processes data exported from your ERP without manual adjustment. It generates XML files for submission to the Tax Office, creates comprehensive VAT records with all transactions and provides payment instructions. In addition, the solution provides more than 30 logical, completeness and legislative checks to ensure incorrect data reporting is eliminated. The Automated VAT Compliance Solution is regularly updated in line with legislation changes.

The Automated VAT Compliance solution can be implemented as Software as a Service, so that VAT compliance is undertaken in-house under your full control. As the solution is separated from the ERP, its deployment does not require approvals of the ERP provider and it can be easily implemented in a matter of weeks. The solution is also fully adaptable and can be tailored to your specific needs.

PwC can also implement the solution and run it internally, so your VAT compliance is fully outsourced.

Automation ensures VAT compliance is rapidly undertaken by processing the data directly exported from your ERP.

Our team is always ready to provide you with technical support as part of the monthly fee. In addition, our professionals can provide you with further tax advisory services to help you with the correct tax assessment of transactions.

Benefits of the solution

Why our Automated VAT Compliance Solution?

Tailored to your data (the solution is processes data exported from your ERP without manual adjustment and uses controls developed in cooperation with you)

Fast and transparent (VAT reports prepared automatically with just a few clicks)

Quick deployment (the solution can be implemented easily in a matter of weeks)

Process documentation (all adjustments of VAT records are correctly documented as a single source of information)

Adaptability (the solution can be implemented as a Software as a Service or fully outsourced)

Automated VAT tool solution

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Software as a service (in-house)

Automated VAT compliance fully outsourced

Set-up fee

From EUR 3,000

From EUR 1,000

Monthly fee

From EUR 400

From EUR 400

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