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Our team of real estate specialists includes experienced professionals from our Tax, Advisory, and Assurance business lines.

Europe’s real estate industry is cautiously picking itself up and surveying the road ahead, but there is still a long way to go regaining the momentum lost in the financial and economic crisis. Credit is easing but still tight, and only few deals are being done in Central and Eastern Europe as foreign investors are rather focused on looking at the large number of opportunities on the market in Western Europe.

Pavol Pravda, Director
Pavol Pravda

Our team of real estate specialists includes experienced professionals from our Tax, Advisory, and Assurance business lines. We advise large and mid-sized real estate clients, investors, developers and finance providers about a range of financial and tax matters.

Main Industry Issues

  • Real estate development in Slovakia has boomed over the last few years, but the economic crisis has significantly reduced the volume of real estate projects and deals.
  • Distressed assets, in particular residential and commercial properties are in need of restructuring.
  • International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are now compulsory for some companies.
  • Careful planning can optimize the tax position for real estate projects.
  • Cost control and strong project management are essential to maximize potential returns on real estate projects.
  • Measures to optimise cash flow can reduce the impact of the global economic downturn.
  • A strong focus on quality and compliance maximises financing and sale opportunities.

We can assist with

  • Independent Business Review and financial restructuring
  • Disposal of assets
  • Buy-side due diligence (pre- and post-acquisition) and sell-side due diligence on real estate companies
  • Pre- and post-acquisition project structuring for a cost-effective and tax-efficient structure
  • Tax and related advice on real estate investments in Slovakia
  • Advice on designing exit strategies – optimizing the commercial and tax position
  • Cost reduction advice
  • Advice on cash flow and working capital management
  • VAT advice, including maximising VAT reclaim opportunities
  • Financing advice to borrowers and lenders
  • Managing tax, accounting, and legal aspects of international real estate projects
  • Advice on inward investments, including establishing companies in Slovakia
  • Financial and tax forecasts
  • Dispute resolution with contractors, suppliers, and buyers and sellers or real estate
  • Reviewing investment prospectuses, share purchase agreements, and other documents from a financial, tax and legal perspective
  • Audit services
  • Tax and accounting compliance services

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