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"Enterprises need to use models that adequately capture how organizations actually function."

Ivo Doležal, Partner

These days, a number of companies are emphasizing the word communication in their business names, and do not consider themselves just a telco or cable company anymore. This brings a number of challenges and, of course, more intense competition, and pressure on margins and profitability. Therefore, it is not surprising that the most common words we hear every day are cost reduction and customer growth.

We are observing the downturn impacts on communication companies in regard to innovative products, quality of service, and especially "time to market”. 

Last, but not least, is the topic of regulation, which is still a major issue. 

Main Industry Issues

  • Successful market and product strategy.
  • Is there any space for further growth through acquisitions in Slovakia?
  • How should we adjust to a world of “convergence”?
  • How should we internally manage change?
  • How should we handle a large number of internal projects at the same time?
  • How should we reduce costs and optimize their structure?
  • What can we do to serve our customers better? Are we a customer friendly organization?
  • Is all the information on customers and product profitability that we need available to us?
  • How should we make our offerings even more attractive to our existing customers?
  • What should our priorities regarding technology investments be?
  • How should we improve our learning and educational programmes for staff?
  • How should we recruit new high-quality staff and retain current staff?
  • How should we motivate staff correctly to meet corporate objectives?
  • How should we ensure that our company complies with the regulatory framework?

We can assist with

  • strategic consultancy on the direction of the company as a whole, a certain division of it, or a product
  • managing projects or providing qualified resources for a certain period of time
  • reviewing and optimizing cost structures
  • assessing profitability and submitting proposals for increasing it
  • reviewing and optimizing working capital
  • testing and improving customer service processes
  • advising you on various accounting and tax issues and solutions
  • advising you on regulatory issues
  • resolving disputes
  • forensic and investigation services
  • audit services
  • advising you on state aid and EUfunds
  • tax services and consultancy
  • advising you on mergers and acquisitions, or valuation of the company
  • revenue assurance
  • establishing an internal audit function or an independent assessment of its activities compared to best practice
  • assessing the effective use of investments allocated for IT and infrastructure development

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Ivo Doležal

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