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More than two thirds of Middle East CFOs think that flexible working will make their organisations better in the long run.*

Remote working is here to stay; managing security risk should be a top priority.

A compact self-assessment to tackle remote working security risks.

Our Secure remote working assessment identifies security risks, and provides recommendations in a free downloadable report.

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*Source: PwC’S COVID-19 CFO Pulse Survey - Middle East 

A remote working assessment for clear visibility into your remote working security processes

Take control of your remote working security

Our Secure remote working assessment helps you identify the blind spots and shed light on your security risks so that you can quickly take action against potential cybercrime.

Secure your remote working model for the long-term

Gain access to an actionable report that gives you tailor-made recommendations for your short, medium and long-term security needs.

Shed light on blind spots. Respond with actionable insight.

Build trust in remote working security

Assess and close the security and control gaps in your remote work set-up, in line with cyber security best practices and local guidelines.

Get rid of ‘shadow IT’

Discover unapproved file-sharing and applications to be on top of potential security breaches.

Strengthen cyber security posture

Consider adopting security standards and solutions to reduce the risks of remote work long-term.

Results dashboard

Clear visuals demonstrate the status of your current remote working security versus the target maturity level.

Bespoke recommendations for improvement

Receive bespoke recommendations on how to progress from your current status to your desired level of remote working security.

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