Automation readiness assessment

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In today’s world it is more important than ever that your organisation is resilient, lean and that your workforce are focusing their time on the most important tasks.

To help you get an overview of how your organisation can benefit from automation, we have created the PwC automation readiness assessment.

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Our automation readiness assessment is an innovative self-assessment which can help you evaluate the readiness of your organisation's processes for automation in terms of both suitability and complexity.

You can easily register and access the assessment on our Digital Trust Manager platform whenever it is convenient for you.

The assessment contains brief questions on the time and number of transactions involved per process, followed by some simple multiple choice questions to determine the suitability and complexity of the processes for automation.

The interactive dashboard allows you to instantly compare and prioritise processes. The dashboard is supplemented with comprehensive advice, details on annual savings and the relevant technologies that can be used to automate the specific process.

Results dashboard

Clear visuals demonstrate the current status versus the target level.

Bespoke recommendations for improvement

Receive bespoke recommendations on how to progress to your organisation’s desired level.

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