"What's your WHY for FS in digital?" Podcast Series

Insightful conversations with financial industry leaders who share their perspectives on WHY digital matters

Naveed Minhas, FS Digital Platforms Leader for the Middle East, welcomes you to our first Financial Services podcast series focused on digital in the industry!

2020 has been an unprecedented year so far, with 5G suddenly becoming controversial, social media battles playing out on what's right to post, and more significantly COVID-19 that's disrupted all our lives. Where planes stopped flying, GDPs got dented and working from home became a norm. Inevitably consumer habits have changed, yet in all this turmoil many in the financial industry see COVID-19 as an agent of change to introduce digital transformation.

With this backdrop we at PwC are keen to understand the thoughts of our leaders in the financial industry. So in this series of podcasts we'll be asking our guests “What’s your WHY for FS in digital?”. So please join and share your comments for us to engage in the months ahead.


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