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The big table: Film and video incentives in Canada 2017

Canada has numerous tax incentives for companies that develop film, video and digital content, including video games. For help understanding these incentives, read PwC’s big table publications.

Insurance industry – Key tax rates and updates (2017)

Tax changes, rates, deadlines and other useful information for the insurance industry in Canada.

Tax facts and figures: Canada

This convenient reference guide includes Canadian individual and corporate tax rates and deadlines, summaries of recent tax cases and a wide range of other valuable tax information.

Car expenses and benefits: A tax guide and employee log (2017)

Using a vehicle for business means you face an intricate set of tax laws when it comes to claiming your expenses. Find out how you can take advantage of certain tax deductions in this annual guide, summary and employee log.

Paying Taxes: The Canadian Summary

In-depth analysis on tax systems in 190 economies. Explore the new edition of Paying Taxes, a unique report by PwC and the World Bank Group.

Canadian mining taxation 2016

This publication provides guidance from the industry leaders on the complexities of mining taxation in Canada. Covers all project stages – from exploration to production – to help you manage your tax risks.

Year-end tax planner – 2016: Helping individuals and owner-managed businesses save tax

The Year-end tax planner is designed primarily for individuals who have accumulated some wealth or own their own businesses (large or small). It includes year-end tax planning checklists.

Oil and Gas Taxation in Canada - Framework for investment in the Canadian oil and gas sector

This publication summarizes the way in which Canadian oil and gas operations are taxed by the Canadian federal and western provincial governments.

Canadian Insurance Taxation, 4th Edition

This latest edition of Canadian Insurance Taxation represents a comprehensive update written by PwC’s tax partners Jason Swales and Erdem Erinc.

Taxation and tax incentives in Ontario 2015

PwC’s second edition of Taxation and tax incentives in Ontario: Your essential guide is an indispensable reference tool for any person or entity that does business in Ontario or is considering doing business in Ontario. It will also help if you live in Ontario or might move here.