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We help clients address new tax legislation and policy requirements to ensure their organization is compliant in a continually changing regulatory landscape.

PwC is a leader in the debate on the development of tax policy in Canada and throughout the world through its public consultation efforts with government officials, international organizations such as the OECD, and business organizations. We have deep technical knowledge and experience in domestic and international tax policy, including that of former federal and provincial Department of Finance officials. 

With the significant changes in tax policy and legislation, businesses need effective insight to properly manage the rapidly changing tax landscape. We keep businesses informed of the latest tax developments and trends. This provides businesses with a firm footing for quick, well-informed responses to tax legislative, judicial and administrative developments.

How we can help

We assist our clients to better understand the tax legislative background and respond to the many challenges they face. We use our over 100 years of Department of Finance, Canada Revenue Agency and Revenu Quebec experience together with the global PwC Policy team to inform our tax discussions with clients. We embed our policy team within our ongoing consulting, dispute resolution and compliance teams to deliver quality and a unique client experience.

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Dean Landry

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Colin Mowatt

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