The next stage of digital transformation for Canadian insurers


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Insurance is a promise, and customers have high expectations for how their insurers will deliver on it. While you’ve likely invested in creating a seamless digital buying experience for your customers, have you done all you can to enable your workforce and transform all aspects of your business so you can truly fulfill your promise?

Watch this video to learn about the next stage of your digital transformation journey and how ecosystem modernization can help you maximize outcomes.

As a Canadian insurer, you've likely made significant strides in creating a seamless digital buying experience. But are you fulfilling your customer promise across all buying and service channels?

Your customers have experienced a frictionless online buying process, but what about when they need to make a claim or purchase add-on products? 

When an in-person touchpoint is required, is the interaction as seamless as the digital experience?

When customers call your helpline, are your agents able to manage all types of inquiries without connecting with multiple teams?

If you answered no to any of these questions, your customers may be frustrated by their experiences interacting with you. And your employees may be just as dissatisfied.

Modernizing your ecosystem by embracing the cloud and removing barriers between teams and technology can help you maximize the outcomes of your investments.

You’ll benefit from time and cost savings while creating a better employee and customer experience. 

And by freeing up your agents’ time to focus on meaningful work, you’ll have a more engaged workforce that’s ready to bring your purpose to life.

Your customers and employees will love it, and so will you, because the end result will be increased resilience and sustainable growth. 

At PwC Canada, we have a community of solvers dedicated to helping insurers make the most of enterprise transformation. To learn more about opportunities to fulfill your customer promise, visit our website.

“Modernizing your ecosystem by embracing the cloud and removing the barriers between teams and technology can help you maximize the outcomes of your investments.”


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