Digital government

Citizen expectations are constantly shifting as they’re looking for increasingly personalized and seamless experiences. Becoming a truly digital government will help meet their expectations.

Governments in Canada can do more by harnessing the right business expertise, technology and talent to build trust and transform. It’s no longer the question of, “Do we transform?” It’s now, “How do we transform?”

Explore our Digital government spotlights to learn how some public sector organizations are responding to the challenges of emerging technologies, modernizing their workforces and delivering improved citizen experiences.

It’s time to turn your digital government visions into reality. Take a look at the trends that will help you get ahead.

It’s no longer the question of, “Do we transform?” It’s now, “How do we transform?”

Seven trends in digital government

A digital approach is key to delivering better service

Citizens want mobile access to services

Responding to citizen needs through multi-channel access

Governments can use AI to provide customized services to citizens

Citizens want to be kept up to date

Protecting and securing citizen data is critical

To meet citizen expectations, service delivery must be efficient

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