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Public and community safety reimagined.

A new era of public safety is emerging. The COVID-19 pandemic’s dual role as both an accelerator of transformation and amplifier of disruptive forces has revealed opportunities, challenges and potential threats for public and community safety organizations worldwide. From police and border services to corrections and intelligence agencies, public and community safety organizations have had to rethink operating models to operate more seamlessly within an ecosystem.

On top of that, citizen expectations for safe and healthy communities are at an all-time high. Keeping society safe and secure in a way that incorporates innovative digital solutions while embracing diversity, inclusivity, equality and transparency is critical.

Thrive, don’t survive. Operate with resilience.

Keep pace with change. Building a society where everyone can thrive. 

The core mission of public and community safety organizations is to keep Canadians safe. But the task of protecting people is getting harder. The interplay between demographic and societal changes, coupled with innovations in technology, have created new types of crime and patterns of criminality. Some of the advances in technology that have increased our prosperity have also given criminals fresh opportunities to exploit, unconstrained by geographic borders.

Community and Public safety organizations must assess, learn, apply and scale new approaches quickly. This means implementing more effective and efficient operating models, making better use of technology, collaborating with other organizations and equipping officers with the skills and tools they need to stay ahead of criminals.

An increasingly complex world requires new ways to solve challenges. Our approach is focused on your people and communities, working alongside you every step of the way and putting their needs at the heart of our work. From discovery through design to implementation, we help you design what’s next. Let’s unlock opportunities together.

Prepare for tomorrow, today

Design, recruit, train and empower a committed and agile workforce, equipping them to protect the public with the full range of skills to disrupt criminality.

Workforce of the Future
  • Workforce management planning: Undertaking reviews of existing workforce scheduling options, identifying optimum workforce structures and better utilizing technologies to manage the workforce. 

  • Culture assessment: Undertaking surveys and assessments that will identify the unique aspects of your organization’s culture. Our assessments incorporate your organization’s vision, mission and goals into our analysis to identify the gaps between where you are now and where you want to be and include evidence-based mental health monitoring as well as developing, implementing and tracking formal and informal cultural mechanisms.

Officer wellness
  • Early intervention programs: Supporting officer wellness by introducing artificial intelligence to analyze officer information from different systems. We also offer a wellness indicator to identify the potential for mental health concerns among officers and develop strategies to prevent burnout. 

Make the most of opportunities presented by technology and data to deliver productivity gains and increase the effectiveness of public and community safety organizations in fighting crime, securing our borders and protecting Canadians.

  • Technology and digital strategy: Helping you develop and implement technology strategies to improve officer and citizen experience and build trust in policing. 

  • Frontline mobility: Working with you to design your mobility strategies and implementation plans that let police officers increase their connections to the communities they serve.

  • Automation: Supporting police call centres with automation opportunities in areas like the collection and disclosure to court of audio materials from radio and 911 evidence.

Improve delivery of public and community safety services to Canadians through effective resource management, efficient governance and operations and streamlined administration

  • Review span of control of services: Creating efficiencies through realignment of organizational priorities or structural changes.

  • Review deployment model: Identify relevant sources of information and data that can help build an accurate view of the current state.

  • Develop future staffing model: Developing a dynamic staffing and deployment model to help assess and evaluate operational scenarios.

  • Develop implementation plans: Creating plans to guide the implementation of the preferred staffing and deployment scenario.

  • Proposed costing models: Developing costing frameworks for proposed changes and revisions to your operating models.

Collaborate with governments, communities, businesses and partner agencies effectively and transparently to increase trust and maintain legitimacy

  • Policy renewal: Helping you adapt and modernize your policies and practices in a way that enhances transparency and builds trust with stakeholders.

  • Evidence management: Digitally enabling end-to-end evidence management processes by adopting modern technology solutions such as body-worn cameras, fleet- and facility-mounted cameras, digital evidence management solutions and citizen-facing reporting and interaction tools.

  • Representative police services: Helping you develop diverse and inclusive services that are representative of the communities you serve.

Adopt a data-driven and structured approach to prioritizing budgets and resources.

  • Resource allocation: Helping you take a comprehensive view of your resource allocation so you can allocate resources to the highest priorities.

  • Efficiency and effectiveness measures: Assessing your service delivery and operating models to help you free up resources for priority frontline activities.

  • Resource optimization: Uncovering opportunities to digital solutions, like process automation, that minimize resource requirements and drive efficiency. 

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