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After interviewing 25 police services in six countries, PwC uncovered three trends and challenges that are impacting public safety organizations: changes to technology, society and crime.

In order to succeed in this era of disruption, PwC’s six levers of policing transformation offer solutions for police services to redesign their operating models, protect their citizens and establish buy-in from business and partner agencies.

To respond to these growing challenges, police and law enforcement can apply the six levers of policing transformation:

1. Aligning strategy and funding

Align strategic direction with government to secure appropriate and sustainable funding.

2. Creating agile operating models

Equipping the police with networked-based and innovative operating models, that prioritize resource to demand at appropriate scale.

3. Balancing local, national & international capability

Prioritizing and positioning resources to fight crime at local, national and international levels with clarity on which gives the best results.

4. Exploiting tech and data

Exploit the innovative opportunities presented by technology and data to create both productivity gains and amplify the effectiveness of policing in
fighting crime.

5. Building the future workplace

Design, recruit, train and empower a committed and agile workforce, equipping them to protect the public with the full range of skills to disrupt criminality.

6. Embedding legal and societal responsibility

Collaborate with government, communities, businesses and partner agencies to shape and enforce legislation with transparency to maintain legitimacy as a service.

Our policing service offerings

From strategy and assessments to implementation, we’re here to understand your needs and help police services incorporate the best business models to prosper in the digital era.

Technology roadmap development

Boost productivity by modernizing IT services with transformative and leading-edge solutions for sworn, civilian members, partner organizations and citizens.


As the crime landscape rapidly evolves, responding to new threats like cybersecurity is a crucial obstacle. We can help you develop a tailored cybersecurity strategy to transform your organization and protect your most valuable assets and data.

Frontline innovation process

As demands on police services increase, it’s critical to engage service members to innovate from within. We work with police organizations to build a frontline-focused innovation process to generate, pilot and evaluate new ideas that will support transformation from within.

Align - priority-based budgeting

Deliver rapid and evidence-based insights using a co-creation approach. Uncover opportunities for efficiencies, cost of delivering services and reinvestment areas to address priorities and meet changing demands.

Executive alignment

Speaking with one voice is critical for police leadership during a time of unprecedented change.

We work closely with senior leadership teams to take a focused approach to execution. We review existing strategies and ensure budgets reflect aligned and affordable operational and strategic priorities.


Change management & user-centric design

Empower and support members to lead and manage change through user-centric design approaches.We use methods like persona development, design thinking workshops and journey mapping to reinforce positive cultural behaviors and increase the adoption of modernization initiatives.

Service delivery and operating models

To remain responsive to citizen and changing organizational demands, services will need rethink how they operate and deliver services. We can help you to transform how functions operate, interact and are structured to provide effective services to members, citizens and external stakeholders.

NG911, call centre optimization, online reporting

Call centres will continue to be the first line of communication between police services and citizens. We offer people-focused process improvement techniques and automation tools for both non-emergency and emergency call centre teams to create capacity and provide better service to citizens.

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