Change is coming faster today than ever before and companies must adapt or die. All business executives worry about change, but executives of technology companies---positioned as you are at the forefront of change---must be especially cognizant of the forces driving changes in your world. You must understand the impacts significant trends impose on your business and overcome them through transitions to innovative revenue streams, lowering costs and yes, new business models. With the right strategies and vision, it is possible to welcome and conquer, rather than fear and evade, change, creating an agile, thriving business. PwC stands ready to help.


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Recently released technology sector and related content from PwC:

  • 2015 Technology Industry Trends
    Learn more about the major trends, challenges, and opportunities for technology companies to consider in 2015 and beyond. Our Strategy& colleagues developed their views from industry discussions, observations of shifting market dynamics and skilled analysis of sector data.
  • Consumer intelligence series - The wearable future
    A look at some of the strengths and opportunities for wearable tech -- and the weaknesses and challenges that enterprising businesses must successfully navigate
  • Driving software development through measurement
    PwC’s Software Measurement Study was designed to analyse the current state of measurement and practices in software development environments and compare these measurement practices to industry-leading practices to provide an assessment of software measurement.
  • A strategist's guide to the Internet of Things
    An article from strategy+business on why the digital interconnection of billions of devices is today's most dynamic business opportunity
  • The new digital ecosystem reality: Digital commerce is a journey
    Technology companies have the opportunity to move past transactional relationships towards meaningful digital relationships by delivering seamless multi-channel capabilities and personalized experiences. Is your company prepared?
  • Decision making in the technology industry
    Both speed and sophistication count when you need to make a big decision. New thoughts on how decision-making capabilities are getting an upgrade.

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