Global research and development incentives

Innovative companies play an extremely important role in their national economies ― which is why many grant programmes and tax incentives have been created to encourage additional research investments by businesses. To encourage research and innovation, many jurisdictions around the globe provide research incentives in the form of tax credits, “super” deductions, or cash grants.

Some jurisdictions provide relief in the form of reduced tax for income associated with technology-based intellectual property. Understanding these tax incentives — along with the impact of transfer pricing, “green” initiatives, intellectual property protection, grants, and capital investments to maximise the return on investments in research — is critical for business decision-makers.

We've helped hundreds of clients improve their return on investment in research. But make no mistake: qualifying for these incentives presents a real challenge. The Global R&D Incentives can support your R&D objectives ― locally and globally. We have a well-coordinated global network of R&D professionals, located in more than 20 countries, who can help you mitigate risk, manage your tax burden, identify and develop critical, strategic initiatives, and support the implementation through documentation of the key aspects of various relief and corporate tax incentives.