Worldwide Tax Summaries

September 01, 2011

Information on corporate and individual tax rates and rules in over 150 countries worldwide.

Cities of Opportunity

September 06, 2016

This publication discusses how the heart of cities revolve around balanced social and economic strengths, which are categorized into three topics: Tools for a changing world, Quality of life, and economics.

CEO Pulse: Connecting the dots

August 11, 2016

PwC’s CEO pulse provides a temperature gauge of global CEO sentiment on a variety of topical business issues throughout the year.

Tech breakthroughs megatrend

July 25, 2016

This paper examines the essential eight technologies that matter and what business leaders now need to do about them, and emerging technologies in general.

Spotlight on: Brexit

July 27, 2016

As the dust starts to settle on the UK referendum of 23 June 2016 new challenges and opportunities begin to surface. One significant issue will be the impact that ‘leave’ has on talent and mobility for a professional generation that has come of age in a globalised world and places a premium both on flexibility and international experience. Will the UK be able to attract and retain the brightest and best talent when it leaves the EU?

Brexit global insights

June 24, 2016

Regularly updated insights and opinions on the impact of Brexit and the EU referendum for international businesses and organisations operating within the UK and EU.

Global top 100 companies (2016)

July 04, 2016

See the risers and the fallers, sector dynamics and how global landscape has changed.

Capital project and infrastructure spending outlook: Agile strategies for changing markets - 2016 edition

June 28, 2016

This PwC report – for which Oxford Economics provided research support and model analysis – looks at two macroeconomic scenarios: a potential China hard landing and a global economic upturn – and how they would affect the mid-term outlook for capital projects and infrastructure spending to 2020.

PwC’s Global Data & Analytics Survey: 2016

May 31, 2016

Executives want strategic and operational decisions to be more data-driven. They say their own organizations and cultures are likely to hold them back.

Central Banking 2020: Ahead of the curve

June 15, 2016

By 2020, many aspects of central banking will have been transformed. How can you make sure your central bank is primed and ready for the shake-up ahead?

Global entertainment and media outlook 2016-2020

June 02, 2015

PwC's Global entertainment and media outlook 2016-2020 offers insight on industry trends and consumer & advertising spend data by segment and territory.

2016 Global Investor Survey

April 26, 2016

PwC's 2016 Global Investor Survey compares the views of investment professionals and CEOs on the threats and opportunities facing the companies today.

Sink or Swim: Why wealth management can’t afford to miss the digital wave

March 03, 2016

Wealth management stands today as one of the least tech-literate sectors of the financial services industry, and is falling well behind non-financial services industries.

Tomorrow's leaders today

June 03, 2016

For the past 19 years, PwC’s Annual Global CEO Survey has been talking with the world’s CEOs about how the business landscape is changing. But what of the leaders of tomorrow? How do they see these global trends and business priorities?