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Global FinTech report: take the survey


The financial services industry is facing sweeping technological changes that will, no doubt, profoundly affect the way we do business.

Forging consensus on TLAC


PwC examines the details of the final standards on TLAC and discuss what has changed from the initial consultation.

Making diversity a reality


Diversity is a vital element of the changing talent focus within financial services but is your organisation doing enough to support it? Learn more...

All set for Pillar 3


PwC outlines the requirements for Pillar 3 and how to ensure your business is set up to comply in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Asset Management 2020 and beyond: Transforming your business for a new global tax world


Asset managers need to plan for the future - PwC sets out a vision of what the tax landscape will look like in 2020 and beyond in new report.

Capital Markets Union: integration of Capital Markets in the European Union


This report was developed in the context of the European Commission’s initiative to support the development of an operational Capital Markets Union.

RiskMinds 2015


PwC, as Principal Sponsor of the RiskMinds International conference for over 20 years, helps lead the debate in global financial services risk.

Global financial markets liquidity study


Commissioned by the GFMA and the IIF, this report looks at liquidity from a global viewpoint.

Project Blue 2.0: Redefining financial services


Financial institutions must embrace a customer and regulator centric world to shape their future and prosper. Define purpose and ride new goals.

Alternatives Valuation Study


In this report, we present the results from our valuation survey addressing selected valuation practices and the U.S. GAAP ASU 2011-4 disclosures that were included in the 2014 financial statements of hedge funds and private equity funds.

Alternatives Governance Study


In this report, we present the results from our Governance survey addressing selected practices for hedge funds and private equity funds around governance.

Alternatives Administration Study


In this report, we present the results from our fund administration survey addressing selected practices around the use of third party administrators.

Insurance 2020 & beyond: Equipping your business for the global tax revolution


The certainties and demands that have shaped tax management over the past 30 years are being swept aside. Read more in this PwC report.

Boosting access to finance: Ensuring free trade agreements (FTAs) recognise cooperatives’ vital development role


Read more about how FTAs can boost the development of FS markets within emerging economies in PwC report.

Structured finance: Global structured finance group


The global Structured Finance Group (SFG) is composed of experts located around the globe, including dedicated teams in London, Washington DC, New York and Sydney. The SFG comprises of professionals with extensive knowledge of securitisation and structured finance in all the main jurisdictions around the world.

Alternative Asset Management 2020: Fast Forward to Centre Stage


The global alternative asset management industry is expected to experience a period of transformation over the coming years. Are you ready?

Capital flows


The movement of capital from East to West is likely to remain the major influence on real estate in 2015. Read more.

Insurance 2020 & beyond: Necessity is the mother of reinvention


Insurers and industry stakeholders have been using Insurance 2020 to help them judge the implications of trends reshaping the insurance industry.

Structured finance: Securitisation services to CLOs and CDOs


Whether you are setting up your first CLO or a repeat issuer the PwC Structured Finance Group (SFG) can provide you with a range of services which are designed to meet your needs and ensure the transaction is established and continues to run smoothly and efficiently.

Female Millennials in Financial Services: strategies for a new era of talent


Diversity and inclusiveness are now competitive imperatives and female millennials are set to play a critical part in future Financial Services growth.