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Lift-off for airport investment - the expanding aviation market

As we emerge from the longest sustained recession in 80 years, the indicators are that the global aviation market has turned a corner, with traffic returning, fuel prices falling, and the impact of new technology and business models aiding a return to profitability. Sector players — airports, airlines, investors — have begun to adapt to the “new normal” brought about by the global financial crisis. The aviation industry worldwide has shown itself to be remarkably resilient.

Consequently airport mega projects are looking like interesting infrastructure investments again.

But as the industry shifts from survival to expansion mode, new issues are emerging: the risk of over-expansion in airline capacity; the difficulties of expanding airport infrastructure and airspace capacity where it is most needed; and the long-term environmental challenges of a rapidly expanding global aviation industry.

So, airport infrastructure investors are adjusting their strategies to ink the best deals that lead to sustainable growth. To do that, they’re deepening their understanding of the aviation sector, including:

  • What do government stakeholders want to get out of an airport and the connectivity it brings?
  • Where is the long-term growth that will require aviation infrastructure investment?
  • Who are the new players in the aviation infrastructure space?
  • Do we need global infrastructure partners?
  • What are the nuanced risks and opportunities arising in emerging markets’ aviation sectors? How do they impact infrastructure management needs, infrastructure funds and construction planning?
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