Leadership ladders

Firms in the PwC network have different priorities in relation to CR. Our global strategy provides a common vision for leadership but allows for flexibility in the pace, prioritisation and localisation of activities. To provide practical yet flexible guidance on strategy implementation for PwC firms we have developed “leadership ladders”.

For each focus area the ladders provide practical guidance and inspiration to progress from foundation level CR activities to CR leadership. All PwC firms are required to fulfil Foundation Level requirements while our 21 largest firms will need to progress to the next levels of the ladder over the course of the next two years. All are encouraged to progress further, particularly in areas they feel are more locally relevant.

The leadership ladders work alongside our Global Code of Conduct to which all PwC firms adhere. Below we provide a summary of the type of guidance included in the leadership ladders.

Our Leadership ladders

Our leadership ladders set minimum standards and provide guidance on how PwC firms achieve leadership in corporate responsibility. Each of the four steps of the ladder considers four dimensions: behaviour change; strategy and policy; measurement and engagement; and impact assessment.