Flight International Top 100 (2009)

We are pleased to announce Flight International's 'Aerospace and Defence Top 100' in association with PwC for 2009. This is the fourth year that PwC has collaborated with Flight international to produce this survey of the top 100 aerospace manufacturing companies.

This report has been compiled by Neil Hampson, PwC’s Global Aerospace and Defence Leader, with support from Consultant Mustafa Davies and Assistant Director Anna Sargeant, both from the UK A&D Strategy Group. The commentry is written by Flight International magazine and features industry perspectives from Neil Hampson. An article by Glenn Brady, US A&D Partner of the Operations and Governance, Risk and Compliance practice and Matthew Lekstutis, US Managing Director of A&D Operations entitled, "What you don't know will hurt you", is also featured.

Key Findings
  • The industry has continued its growth: Top 100 aerospace manufacturers grew revenues 7.1% and profits 7.8% in 2008
  • The 80/20 rule still applies: the Top 20 companies accounted for 79% of the industry's sales and 81% of earnings
  • EADS overtakes Boeing, for the first time, to be largest global A&D company
  • Average operating profits remain broadly similar between Primes / Tier 1’s and others compared to prior years, however Tier 1’s continue to be the most profitable.