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PwC’s global communications industry group is dedicated to delivering effective solutions to the complex business challenges facing communications companies. We can help you with capex, customer excellence, partnerships, network life-cycle management, regulation, and investor confidence, compliance, and risk. We work with clients from telecom, cable, satellite, and Internet companies from all developed and emerging markets around the world.


20th Annual Global CEO Survey: Communications industry

Over the past 20 years, Communications CEOs have witnessed astounding change within the industry – from analogue to 6G networks and the dawn of the internet of things – where we are now is incredible to think back on the past twenty years for mobile, satellite, cable and telecom companies. This year’s survey highlights the areas of growth, talent, technology, trust, and globalisation within the industry. We surveyed 43 CEOs who, for the most part, are relatively optimistic for their organisations as well as the industry’s future.

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