PwC’s global communications industry group is dedicated to delivering effective solutions to the complex business challenges facing communications companies. We can help you with capex, customer excellence, partnerships, network life-cycle management, regulation, and investor confidence, compliance, and risk. We work with clients from telecom, cable, satellite, and Internet companies from all developed and emerging markets around the world.



  • Assessing the strength of your security operating model
    Data cannot all be protected equally; companies must constantly prioritize and assess risks. And while that means new responsibility, it also brings with it new opportunity.
  • Taxing the cloud
    With a name as nebulous as ‘The Cloud,’ it isn’t any wonder that applying multiple complex tax schemes to cloud services can quickly expand into a storm of issues for any business.

Communications Review

Communications Review showcases some of the best global practices and leading-edge thinking regarding management and financial issues in the communication industry. Articles are authored by partners in PwC's industry practice. Learn more


The Telecommunications Industry Accounting Group (TIAG) brings together PwC telecom specialist knowledge worldwide to help telecom operators interpret & implement new & complex standards that have an impact on the Communications industry. Learn more


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