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With exploration opportunities in locations such as Colombia, Peru, the Yukon, Burkina Faso and Mongolia, Canadian mining companies face exciting opportunities for growth. However, these prospects also come with their share of unique challenges.

As a junior, mid-tier or senior mining company in Canada, ensuring you accurately and effectively consider concerns such as political risk, environmental policies, financial effectiveness, merger and acquisition opportunities and tax legislation in the countries and regions where you operate is crucial as you continue to grow. Knowing you can leverage knowledge from business advisers with years of experience in the mining industry is important.

PwC’s mining professionals offer that knowledge. We work with Canadian mines to help establish profitable operations here in Canada and around the world. Discover how we can assist your junior, mid-tier, or senior mining company with the following:


We also realize access to resources and relationships is critical as you work to keep your mine performing at its peak. That’s why we have established the following initiatives to support your company as you grow and explore new opportunities.


John Gravelle
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John Gravelle, CA

Global Mining Leader

Toronto, Ontario

  • Cross-Border Financing
  • Capital Restructuring
  • Repatriation Techniques
  • M&A
  • Tax
  • Mining
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Global Mining Leader
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