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Explore innovation opportunities

Think differently. Open up to unknown possibilities.

Do more than you do today. Much more.

With advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, today’s machines can read, have conversations, and analyse previously unmanageable amounts of data. And that’s just today. It’s a fast paced environment, and our Data and Analytics Innovation team has the knowledge and experience to help you discover new business opportunities.

Data and analytics is all about making new trends, developments, inventive approaches and technology innovation work for you - not just today, but for years to come. Using radical innovation and design thinking, we’ll help you keep track of the trends, revolutionise processes, and clarify the goals that are relevant to you.

Explore what a sound data analytics strategy can do for you. Together, we’ll experiment, explore and embrace business innovation opportunities for growth in familiar - and completely new - areas to help you do more than you ever imagined possible.

How we can help you

Ecosystem analysis

When it comes to innovation, who’s leading the way? Do you know the right people to have by your side as you look to take steps to evolve and transform?

Our team is constantly scanning the latest developments in the world of data and analytics - and getting to know the people behind them. We’re monitoring trends, working with smart start-ups, and forging relationships with our alliance partners. We also stay up-to-date with the latest moves in open source data and tools, to make sure we know what’s available and how you can benefit.

So when you’re looking to innovate, we can share the big picture.

Proof of concept (Labs)

We’re working with many clients, in multiple industries and sectors, to help them explore the art of the possible. Through innovation labs, we help them trial ideas and create the ‘proof of concept’ for their business.

Right now, we’re working on an AI Accelerator lab, an Emerging Technology lab, and an Automation Lab which is exploring robotic and intelligent process automation. Through innovation sprints and trials, we can help you test the potential to change the way you do business.

Solution development

Two thirds of businesses plan to cut costs over the next 12 months. But less than 30% of programmes hit their targets. And less than a fifth demonstrate sustained benefits over three years.

We work with clients to take cost out of their businesses - and make it sustainable, without hurting customer experience or the ability to innovate and grow.

We can help you:

  • Use data to find the potential to tighten up processes, reduce errors, and cut external spending.
  • Use analytics to highlight patterns that show wasteful or inefficient processes.
  • Make change stick, by delivering data and performance measures to the right people at the right time - and set up the incentives for people to act on it.


If you’ve got great innovation and strong analytics foundations in your business, how can you reap the rewards?

We work with clients to commercialise and monetise their data and analytics capabilities. We help them understand the value of the data and capabilities they have, find new revenue streams, and turn them into reality. It’s a very new area for all businesses - and there’s no ‘playbook’ yet. But our teams can share insight and expertise to make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to turn potential into real business success.

Innovation Center of Excellence creation

Often, clients enjoy and see big benefits from the labs we run together. But they’re left asking, “how do I keep the innovation fresh in my business?”

We work with clients to set up their own labs, so they can experiment and test new ideas, every day, right across their businesses. Together, we can work on creating the right conditions for innovation to succeed, including the processes, skills and governance. The result is an Innovation Centre of Excellence inside their organisation - so they can keep bringing new ideas to life.

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Kaveh Vessali

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