PwC and Microsoft

Cloud culture, fully realised.

What Microsoft do

Over the last three decades, Microsoft has consistently transformed the way that people live, work, play and connect through technology with the vision to help people and businesses throughout the world realize their full potential. 

The Microsoft Cloud advances organizations to remote anything at a moment’s notice from manufacturing to sales to customer support. The cloud also helps organizations to simulate anything from how the immune system responds to a virus to how a fault in a wind turbine can impact our power supply. 

The Microsoft Cloud also helps to automate everywhere, to enable faster, more agile response - from triage in health care to the maintenance in smart buildings to curbside pickup in retail.

The Microsoft Cloud covers 3 core propositions:

  • Business Applications
    The Power Platform, including low code, no code apps, intelligent workflow, AI, virtual agents and rich reporting/dashboards
    Microsoft Dynamics 365 for your CRM and ERP requirements
  • Azure
    Build intelligent apps and bots for your customers using cloud AI and machine learning capabilities. Leverage data and AI using cloud IoT services to deliver groundbreaking IoT solutions that transform business operations.
  • Modern workplace
    A complete solution that includes Office 365, Windows 10, Teams and Enterprise Mobility + Security
    We have offerings around each of these which enable you to fully embrace your Microsoft technology investment.

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What PwC do

As with all our technology alliances, our job is to determine the right business strategy for you, then ensure you have the best and most relevant technology to achieve it and deliver tangible results. In other words, it’s about technology as an enabler, and as a means to deliver a successful strategy. In developing that strategy, we bring all our expertise to bear, from market and industry insight to professional know-how in areas like customer strategy, operations, finance, tax, and HR. And once the right technology is identified, we help you get the most from your investment and implement it, so your business is leaner, smarter, and more agile, and you get the benefits faster.

PwC and Microsoft deliver better business outcomes

To stay competitive in a more digital world, businesses need to come up with innovative ways to create value for customers. Fortunately, with PwC’s industry and business strategy experience and Microsoft’s leading cloud products, making your customer and staff experience better isn’t as difficult as it may seem. From Business Applications, Azure and Modern Workplace companies can optimise their operations and build a solid digital foundation for the future.

How we work with Microsoft

Analytics transformation

Data is quickly becoming a company’s most important asset. With PwC Middle East helping businesses understand what they should measure and Microsoft providing the technology, including Microsoft PowerBI and Azure Analytics, you’ll have the tools you need to create actionable insights.

Cybersecurity transformation

Hackers can be a big threat to business, which is why protecting your valuable company and customer information is critical. PwC Middle East and Microsoft can help you manage who gets access to what data and oversee encryption and cloud application security, among other cybersecurity needs.

Cloud transformation

Most mission-critical programs, such as enterprise resource management and customer relationship management software are now entirely cloud-based. Yet, many operations are still using clunky legacy systems that are costly to maintain. Using Microsoft Azure’s portfolio of cloud-based products, PwC Middle East can help bring your organisation's most important solutions into a digital environment.

Workforce transformation

Many companies are undergoing a major cultural shift in their workforce, with millennials wanting different things from their employer than previous generations. PwC Middle East and Microsoft have come together as a powerful combination of consulting know-how and sophisticated tools, including Microsoft 365, which can boost collaboration, enhance productivity, improve teamwork and help create the right culture for today’s workforce.

Front and Back Office transformation

Bringing your front and back office into a more digital environment is key to ongoing success. By implementing solutions – such as The Microsoft Power Platform, Dynamics 365 CE and Dynamics Finance – companies can lower costs, increase collaboration among employees and improve the customer experience. PwC Middle East has digital solutions to help transform nearly everything, including HR, finance, supply chains and marketing.

Information Governance transformation

Traditional ways for governing information were not designed for the digital era. With PwC Middle East and Microsoft, companies marry policy and strategy perspectives with technology, including Microsoft Office 365 Advanced Data Governance and eDiscovery, so you can meet all your governance goals.


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