Buildings of the future

How to take the cognitive leap?

Connected and well-functioning buildings are at the heart of any leading cognitive city’s goals and aspirations. 

This means implementing cutting-edge technology through a network of devices, sensors, systems and applications which aim to deliver an enriched quality life to its residents and users.

Traditionally innovation in buildings was limited to achieving operational efficiency or meeting environmental goals. But the new wave of providing a personal and seamless experience to its occupants has now initiated conversations in the directions of comfort, safety and productivity. When technology is intertwined with curated user experience, a level of functionality is achieved which is highly adaptive, intelligent and unified.

In this paper we focus on the key drivers for Cognitive Buildings investments, its use cases and how to successfully deliver highly personalised and futuristic solutions to the users of the buildings.

“A sensor can tell you the accurate temperature, but only a cognitive building can tell you the optimum temperature”.

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