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Assessment Process - Graduates

The Recruitment process

1. Apply online
  • The first thing you'll need to do is research our opportunities available to you and apply. You may apply to more than 1 line of service (LoS)
2. Assessments
  • Once you meet our screening requirements, you will receive a request to complete our online assessments, which are made up of a number of components depending on the line of service you have applied for - Verbal, Numerical and Inductive reasoning are core to the process. These assessments  are an important part of the recruitment process and we encourage you to prepare beforehand. It is important to ensure that you leave yourself enough time, are in the correct environment with no distractions, and have a stable internet connection.
3. HR interview
  • The HR Interview takes place online and aims to gather more information about you. The first part of the conversation will focus on biographical questions related to your CV and background, and the rest of the time will be spent discussing your university experience and will use competency based questions. You will also have the chance to ask us any questions.
4. Business interview
  • The Business Interview will also take place online, and is conducted by an experienced professional from one of our lines of service. The format differs slightly depending on the business unit, but will include a mix of competency based and technical questions, and you may be asked to complete a case study to help us understand how you analyze real life business challenges, formulate conclusions and present your recommendations.
5. Final Interview
  • The final stage of the process is an interview with a Partner or Director in the line of service you have applied for. This will take approximately 30 minutes.
6. Offer
  • After our final round of deliberations, you will be informed about the result as soon as possible.
  • Our onboarding team will get in touch with you regarding the offer.
7. Induction (start date)

Congratulations you have accepted our offer! We look forward to welcoming you at our Graduate Induction in August/September 2022.

Interview preparation advice

Be yourself

We want to learn more about your background and personal experiences to see how and where you might fit at PwC. Take some time to reflect and come prepared with some relevant examples to support your answers to competency based questions.

Understanding how you solve problems

If you apply for a role in Deals or Consulting you’ll be asked to analyze a case study and develop solutions to the client challenge it poses. The case will typically be based on a real PwC project, giving you insight into what it’s like to work here.

Often, there are no right or wrong answers; instead, we’re evaluating your analytical and strategic skills, and the ability to make a strong case for your recommendations.

Many websites offer practice case studies to help you familiarize yourself with the type of problem solving that will be expected from you.

Don’t forget to interview us!

This is your chance to ask questions about life at PwC, including your interviewer’s personal experiences. Our interviewers will evaluate your ability to listen and communicate effectively, and whether you present yourself positively and persuasively. We value intellectual curiosity and creative thinking, so make sure you do your due diligence and see what pops up when you search ‘PwC ME’ online.

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