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Whether you’re a family business or a start-up entrepreneur, we can help you succeed with advice as unique as your business.

We’re built around you

Growing a business can be demanding, exhilarating and intensely personal. For entrepreneurs and private business owners, it’s never just about business. It’s about more than that. It’s about the challenges you face, the decisions you make, the networks you build and the legacies you want to leave. 

We’re here to help you manage your ownership and growth at every stage, in a way that fits the needs of your business in today’s changing global landscape. You know your business best, so our services are built around you. Our people are dedicated to working side-by-side with private businesses like yours. Our focus is on your agenda, your goals, your network, your legacy. We’re here to listen, today and tomorrow.

Private businesses amid COVID-19

As the responses to COVID-19 evolves, we know your business may be facing significant challenges. We’ve been helping Canadian businesses mobilize, stabilize and strategize in response to the crisis. We have resources available to address short-term challenges and longer-term impacts of the pandemic on your business, your employees, business continuity and your financial future.

A tailored approach just for you

We’re here to listen and help you manage ownership and growth at every stage—especially during times of change and uncertainty. Our Owner’s Agenda framework considers your needs as both an owner and a business leader. Take a look at how we think about financial and strategic considerations holistically, from governance to succession planning to technology.

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Sabrina Fitzgerald

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