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An efficient, focused and collaborative approach to your ISO and other management systems

Switching your certification or verification services to PwC

Demonstrating the conformance of your systems and processes to standards around quality, safety, the environment and data security is critical to consumer trust. Your conformance framework must also be able to offer powerful data-driven insights.

Expectations around certification or verification may come from a client, a government agency, regulator, parent company or customer group. These expectations require systems and processes that ensure continual improvement and operational effectiveness.

Talking to a certification or verification expert

You can achieve even more when you combine the expertise of certification and verification specialists with data analytics capabilities. Regardless of business size, you can collect conformance benchmarking information across your sites, operations and jurisdictions to pinpoint challenges and opportunities and help you make more informed, data-driven decisions.

Helping you turn your management system into a competitive advantage

Our digitally-enabled certification and verification service is about more than ticking boxes. It offers several benefits:

Key insights to improve performance

We work closely with you to focus on the most important areas of the business. In applying a risk-based approach to conformance activities, our certification-verification service team delivers insights to enhance efficiency and performance areas beyond your management systems.

Greater efficiencies

It’s difficult to manage corrective actions across multiple locations when you receive requests and reports in different formats and from a variety of sources. Our certification-verification service platform gives you complete visibility. It’s simple and quick to check status, assign responsibilities and manage the certification, verification, and conformance processes.

Transparency and control

Our digital platform reduces time and cost while giving you greater transparency and control over certification, verification, and conformance processes. Using the latest data analytics and visualisation tools, you can quickly drill down for further information across issues at one or more sites and pinpoint trends and common concerns across your business.

Certified/Verified by PwC

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Canada is accredited under ISO 17021-1:2015, ISO 27006:2015, ISO 17065:2012, ISO 14065:2020, ISO 17029:2019 and FSC-STD-20-011 (4-2) to deliver certification and greenhouse gas verification services under the following standard schemes:

For certification, our methodology aligns to the requirements of ISO 17021, FSC-STD-20-001, and FSC-STD-20-011 and applicable normative documents.

Certification and verification services: The PwC certification seal

PwC’s certification seal demonstrates that your management system meets the criteria set out in the relevant ISO management systems standard. Display the seal on your certificate, website, corporate letterhead and tender documentation to strengthen your reputation and demonstrate your commitment to continuous improvement.

Validate an existing certificate

ISO 9001 Certification Seal
ISO 14001 Certification Seal
ISO 27001 Certification Seal
ISO 45001 Certification Seal

How to engage with us for your certification or verification services


  • Initial enquiry to our certification or verification service team
  • Identify your precise certification or verification needs
  • We prepare a draft scope of certification or verification services

Scope review

  • You confirm the scope of certification or verification services
  • Our relationship managers draft an engagement letter for technical review

Contract presented

  • You'll meet with our relationship managers to review the engagement letter in detail to ensure we fully appreciate your specific needs prior to your acceptance

Learn how we can add value through our certification and verification processes

For a detailed overview of our certification and verification processes, read our public summary of PwC’s certification and greenhouse gas verification programs.

Certification and Verification policies

For more information about our policies or legal information or to learn more about training associated with ISO standards, please contact one of our certification or verification service experts

Being a trusted service provider is integral to our certification, verification and compliance services. PwC Canada Certification and Registration practice does not offer Certification related Consulting and Advisory services to our Certification and Registration clients, with the exception of Pre-assessments and Training services. PwC Canada’s Greenhouse Gas Verification practice does not offer GHG related Consulting and Advisory services to our GHG verification clients where such services are not permitted due to standard, regulatory, or other similar requirements. For more on how we manage impartiality and independence, refer to our conflict of interest and impartiality policies.

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