Court Orders

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CCAA Proceedings Date
Monitor's Discharge Certificate 2023-08-23

CCAA Termination Order


Endorsement of J Kimmel (re CCAA Termination Order)


Stay Extension order endorsement 2021-09-27
Stay Extension Order  2021-09-27
HST Refund Order 2021-09-03
HST Refund Endorsement 2021-09-03
Stay Extension Order 2021-02-18
Endorsement of J. Koehnen 2021-02-18
Lift of Stay of Proceedings Order 2020-11-09
Approval and Vesting Order 2020-11-09
Endorsement of J Koehnen (re Reasons for Granting Release and approving Transaction) 2020-11-09
Stay Extension Order 2020-11-04
Amended and Restated Initial Order 2020-04-17

RVO Term Sheet and 265 DIP Term Sheet Approval Order


Endorsement of J Koehnen


Stay Extension Order 2020-09-17
Endorsement of J. Koehnen (re Stay Extension Order to September 24, 2020) 2020-09-17
Endorsement of J. Koehnen (re Stay Extension Order to September 17, 2020) 2020-09-03
Stay Extension Order (to September 17, 2020)


Endorsement of J. Koehnen (Reasons for decision) 2020-08-17
Stay Extension and Increased Administration Charge Order 2020-08-13
Stay Extension and Scheduling Order (extending Stay Period to August 13, 2020) 2020-07-16
Endorsement of J. Koehnen 2020-06-23
Endorsement of J Koehnen (re Plan and Stay Extension to Aug 7, 2020) 2020-06-17
Stay Extension, Amended and Restated Second DIP Term Sheet Order 2020-06-17
Payout Order 2020-06-17

Stay Extension, DIP Term Sheet Approval, Sealing Order

Endorsement of J. Koehnen (re Stay Extension, DIP Term Sheet Approval, Sealing Order) 2020-05-08

Endorsement of J. Koehnen (re Comeback Hearing)

Endorsement of J. Koehnen (re Corporate Governance) 2020-04-20
Corporate Governance, Leases and Rescom Commitment Order 2020-04-17
Amended and Restated Order 2020-04-17
Initial Order 2020-04-08
Endorsement of J. Koehnen (re CCAA Proceedings) 2020-04-09

NOI Proceedings Date
Endorsement of Mr. Justice Koehnen 2020-03-12

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