Software License Compliance


Are you leaving licensing revenue on the table?

Few software companies have a coherent, consistent approach to safeguarding and ensuring the accurate and timely delivery of licensing revenues. An effective software licensing examination can uncover thousands or even millions of dollars in lost income due to errors or contract misunderstandings. A well-run software license compliance program can be a self-financing program as well as best business practices.

Other benefits include:

  • Improved customer compliance
  • Greater reporting accuracy
  • Incremental income streams
  • Renegotiated contracts
  • Basis for additional services

Selecting the right licensing team to oversee your compliance program is vital.


How PwC can help

Our globally integrated network of professionals is committed to helping software companies improve their revenues, capitalize on and protect their intellectual property, and successfully manage risk. Our unique blend of technical skills and forensic investigative focus ensures that our clients gain the maximum benefits from proactive, profitable software licensing compliance program and maintain productive relationships with their business partners.

Our practice is unique in employing experienced technology professionals with a forensic and investigative background. We face difficult and challenging situations on a regular basis, and while the majority of cases of non-compliance involve honest error due to accounting, clerical and contractual interpretation differences, there are occasions where there is deliberate misstatement. Our forensic investigative skills enable us to ensure that all the findings are sound and will stand up in court, if required.

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