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Software Asset Management

Helping you improve your IT spend

The inability to report software allocation in compliance with vendor regulations is increasingly becoming a problem for many organizations. This issue usually arises due to improper implementation of license agreements, undefined cross-departmental processes, lack of software monitoring tools, and the absence of overall Software Asset Management (SAM) ownership and accountability.

Software vendors are increasingly intensifying their audit activities to confirm deployment figures provided by their clients. However, many organizations are still not aware of how unmanaged software assets can result in significant unplanned costs (or unrealized savings). Some questions that arise during such circumstances include:

  • Can your organization report how many copies of a particular software title you have deployed?
  • Is this number in accordance with the license agreement?
  • Can you distinguish between different editions or releases?
  • Are you confident that your organization would comply if a software vendor confronted you with an audit?

To address these challenges, organizations need a strong SAM program—the set-up and alignment of organization, processes and infrastructure—to effectively manage, control and protect software assets throughout all stages of the software lifecycle. The successful implementation of a SAM program can lead to greater controls, lower costs, license compliance and audit readiness.

How PwC can help

Having conducted more than 1,000 independent compliance assessments around the world on behalf of both vendors and clients, PricewaterhouseCoopers is an experienced advisor on deploying an effective SAM program. Our approach typically includes three components: compliance assessment, design of an efficient SAM organization, and ad-hoc spend reduction (achieving quick wins).

We can help you to establish better transparency on your software deployment situation.

In order to reduce software costs and facilitate compliance with license agreements, we can help develop and introduce mechanisms for efficient SAM, customized for your organization and aligned with industry standards.

Contact William Platt for more information.

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