A passion for learning, development and building a career with purpose! Sam on her PwC Canada career path

February 21, 2023

My passion for international development started when I was a child. My father was an officer in the Ghanaian Air Force, and my mother was a journalist. I lived close to the barracks where my father worked, so I’d often visit him at the base, seeing first-hand what it was like to serve your country. My mother was also very attuned to current affairs, and it was fascinating to watch her discuss foreign policy and international trends with her friends.

By the time I was in secondary school, that interest continued to grow. I attended an international school, so I was always surrounded by people from different cultures and backgrounds, learning about the world around me. After I graduated, I moved to England to pursue my undergraduate degree in Conflict, Peace and Security. I then came to Canada to do my master’s degree in International Organizations and Global Public Policy at Carleton University.

Today, I’m putting my passions into practice at the firm.

I started my career in Admin Services, but I’d always had an interest in Consulting. I used my internal network to find some projects in this area I could contribute to and fell in love with the work! I made the official switch into Consulting in March 2021, joining our Tech Strategy and Transformation team. Since then, I’ve worked on many interesting projects in addition to fulfilling my ambition to work in the international development space. I’ve been able to work with government and public sector clients and our ESG reporting and analytics team, and I’m a core team member of our growing International Development Community of Interest.

One of my favourite projects so far was with a Canadian NGO dedicated to building momentum for women’s movements around the world. We helped them procure a new enterprise resource planning tool so they can manage key parts of their organization and better deliver on their strategy. It was a meaningful project that perfectly aligned with my personal values.

My journey at the firm has been fantastic, as I’ve been empowered to chart my own career path and supported at every step along the way.

Because of that, I like to share my experiences and insights with others. I’m currently a program lead for our Black Professionals Inclusion Network Mentorship Program. I have two mentees, and I’ve really enjoyed helping them navigate life at the firm.

Throughout my own journey, it’s been an awesome experience to see the firm grow, see myself represented and see the steps we’re taking to make PwC Canada a place where we can all bring our whole selves to work. I’m excited to see where this journey takes me!

Sam is a senior associate in our Consulting Tech Strategy and Transformation practice and a member of our Black Professionals Inclusion Network.

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