For each stakeholder of a project — whether government leader, CEO or CFO, developer, operator, fund manager, investor or corporate development executive — it is important to seek independent advice unbiased by ties to firms, investors or other financing sources which may already be involved in the project. An independent advisor is better positioned to help stakeholders avoid areas of potential conflict, navigate competing interests, mitigate risks, and capitalize on strategic opportunities.

Capital projects require specialized support across many of the variables critical to their success, such as financing, management, and governance. This is because risks and resource requirements for capital projects are different — as are the strategies required to address them. This is particularly true in today’s uncertain economic environment.

Economic cycles aside, however, many companies and organizations face enormous fiscal and logistic challenges as well as governance and accountability issues. Factors undermining the success of a project can include:

  • Inaccurate project financial records, reports and billings
  • Excessive requirements, scope creep and project delays
  • Vague or overly burdensome contract terms and provisions
  • Property / casualty losses, claims and disputes
  • Lack of alignment between project funding and project plans
  • Government and/or bond compliance issues
  • Insufficient project resources
  • Ineffective or overly complex project management systems

How PwC can help

These challenges, among others, as well as the economic climate highlight the importance of appropriate and structured capital project and infrastructure planning, management and delivery. PwC's experienced specialists work closely with our clients' teams to review capital project practices throughout the project lifecycle, across critical areas such as financing, portfolio management, governance and assessment, project management, risk and quality management, procurement, supply chain management and management reporting.