Financing transport infrastructure and public private partnerships (PPPs)

Our transport infrastructure is not keeping pace with the growth of our economies. Governments increasingly ask the private sector to finance new projects. Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) enable the public sector to get better value for money by transferring risk (eg of cost overruns) to those with the best expertise for managing it.

PricewaterhouseCoopers is a global market leader in advising public sector clients and private sector bidders on PPPs in the transport sector. In 2003 we helped London Transport complete the three biggest PPPs in the world to renovate and enhance the London Underground with £15 million of capital investment. In 2004, the €320 million Millau Viaduct in France was completed after a procurement process in which PricewaterhouseCoopers advised the French Ministry of Transport.

We offer a comprehensive service: advising on procurement, financial structuring, designing performance payment regimes, tax, accounting and human resource issues. Our professionalism as a PPP adviser in the world is demonstrated in the advisor ranking tables below:

Advisory mandates won in 2004: Global

Advisory mandates won in 2004: Global

1 – Privately owned sponsors,
2 – Government or government owned sponsors,
3 – Bidders in a competition

* Mandates won, ongoing and closed in 2004

Source: Project Finance International, January 2005